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6 Critical Insider Tips about Traveling to Kyiv, Ukraine for medical programs

Valentina believes that what most travel companies and coordinators TOTALLY MESS UP is due to having a reactive model and a lack of smart planning. This is the clarion call of amateur travel management and is completely unacceptable.
Here are some critical things that we learned from Valentina during our recent Adonis’ Wednesday Hot Seat.

Surrogacy Agreements Pitfalls - Ukrainian Surogacy

7 Pitfalls of International Surrogacy Agreements for Ukrainian Surrogacy

Regardless of where you are in your surrogacy journey —whether you’re researching, have begun the process, or are getting close to baby delivery — the lessons shared are vital for your peace of mind and future protection. Nataliia Lazarieva, Adonis’ Senior Attorney, continues to see the same seven mistakes over and over due to agreements not being created with these specific critical provisions in place.