Genetic connection, simplified legal process, rigorous screening, and control over prenatal environment are considered.


“…When we found out about Adonis Fertility International Surrogacy Program, we were so sad we did not know about it at the beginning. Genetic connection to the baby was very important to us, but we thought we had to give this part of our dream away. Even after the adoption goes through, we spend a huge some of money. For only $15,000 more we could have eliminated so much stress of the high level uncertainty that adoption holds, we would have had control over what we want, and we would have kept the dream of OUR baby alive. We definitely are going surrogacy option for our second child.”

– John and Amy, Colorado, USA

Adoption vs Surrogacy

Is surrogacy for everyone – absolutely not! Is adoption for everyone – absolutely not! Should you do surrogacy? Yes. Should you do surrogacy? No. Should you do adoption? Yes. Should you do adoption? No.

Here is the thing… you will find people who say “yes” or “no” on both sides.

The main person you should be asking is YOU! And the main questions you should be asking are these:

  1. What is my goal?
  2. How far am I willing to go to achieve my goal?
  3. If I do this step, will it help me reach my goal?

You have to be brutally open and honest with yourself and with your partner on how you are answering these questions.

Surrogacy Program: Genetic Connection with Control and Protection.

In surrogacy, there is complete certainty about who will parent the baby. The pregnancy is planned ahead of time and legally binding agreements and processes are put in place. The surrogate knows from the beginning that she is carrying a baby for the intended parents.

Areas for Consideration about Surrogacy and Adoption

01. Rewarding Experience

Both surrogacy and adoption are rewarding experiences that bring you to your ultimate goal of completing your family with a child.

02. Genetics

Over and over we hear from the intended parents the importance of being on the same page when discussing the goal. “Having MY child” has been a critical part for many. This makes the genetic connection between one or both parents and the child imperative and non-negotiable. In gestational surrogacy one or both intended parents are the genetic parents of the child. The surrogate mother (in this case the gestational carrier) is not related to the child she carries.

03. Parenting Rights and Legal Process

In adoption, the birth mother is the biological mother of a child and this has complicated legal implications that are not applicable to surrogacy. In gestational surrogacy, because of the biological connection of the child to the intended parents and no biological connection to the gestational carrier, the legal process is much more simplified than in adoption and has many advantages in the establishment of parenting rights and mitigations of risks.

For example, in adoption there are no legally binding “adoption contracts” and the birth mother can change her mind after the baby is born. In surrogacy, the parentage is assigned to the intended parents and any rights or obligations are removed from the gestational carrier before the child is even born – pre-birth orders in select states of the USA at 7 months of pregnancy and at the moment of conception in Ukraine. In addition, there are other guardianship documents with gestational surrogacy which are not available for adoption.

04. Matching Process and Screening

With adoption, the ultimate choice is up to the birth mother. The adoptive parents could decide on the basic criteria about the type of adoption situation, but the list of is very limited, and in the end, the intended parents still can be rejected. In gestational surrogacy, the decision is more mutual. In addition, the intended parents have control over a wide array of criteria that they would like to see in a gestational carrier. Surrogates must pass a thorough screening (including a medical, physiological, physical, background check) prior to being included into the gestational carrier program and be matched with intended parents.

The wait time with adoption tends to be long. For example, as of today, the wait list for adoption in the state of Colorado is 2-5 years (and this is not including the restart of the processing time when a birth mother has changed her mind after the selection!). Many more women are interested in surrogacy than adoption than ever before and with the Adonis International Surrogacy Program, you are guaranteed to have a match within days.

05. Control Over the Prenatal Environment

The surrogate selection process, ongoing medical examination, and the legal contract between the gestational carrier and intended parents ensure that the baby will not be exposed to any harmful substances before and during the pregnancy. The level of details in the surrogacy contract can specify the tiniest detail on how you want the prenatal care to look like. No mechanisms exist to instill that level of control within the adoption process.

06. Your Investment

When you invest in the assisted ways to complete your family, such as adoption or surrogacy, you invest not only in the immediate goal, to welcome a baby, but you invest into your and your baby’s future as well. Yes, gestational surrogacy is more expensive than adoption, but with only $15,000-$20,000 more with Adonis International Surrogacy Program, you invest into having a genetic connection and maximum level of control and certainty over all the pre and post birth conditions. You are literally creating your and your child’s future instead of being at a mercy of luck that is a common partner in the adoption process.

07. Certainty

There is always a chance of disruption in adoption. Adoptive families have limited control throughout the process and face many uncertainties about the birth mother’s commitment to adoption, the birth father’s support of adoption, the prenatal care of the baby, and other factors.

Colorado, USA

Adonis Fertility International became such a blessing to us. When they say they find the best and most affordable help for you, they mean it. Today, we are proud parents of a beautiful boy, who at the age of 4 is a complete copy of his dad. I cherish the bond they have together. I have my two most precious men in my life. My heart is full.”


I had many failed IVF attempts, I was struggling for a long time to have a baby. Adonis offered 2 candidates of surrogate mothers who were completely healthy women. It was difficult to choose between the two. And the medical and support teams were exceptional! So, finally, our baby was born and that’s wonderful! Now, our little Javi is 2 years old and is the greatest happiness of our life!

Colorado, USA

Adonis’ clear direct communication and thorough review of our situation helped us make some hard decisions. They are clearly at the top of their game and I trust them completely. I recommend this team to everyone I know!”


When we came to Kiev for the delivery of our daughter, we were blown away by the quality and the technology used at Adonis Medical Center. It is everything you would expect from the top-notch facilities with the most cutting edge technology working for us and the most brilliant doctors fighting the fight with us. We have two beautiful children now, thanks to Adonis Surrogacy Smart Program.

California, USA

Our baby is our life. Our everything! I know you are juggling between many choices right now. All I could say, just speak to Adonis – include them in your possible options list. We did and never looked back. They have been a gift to us.

Colorado, USA

We were facing a choice between surrogacy or adoption. My husband and I had to be very open about the options. I am so grateful he was able to share his deep thoughts on how important it is for him to have a genetic connection to a child. I could have gotten mad at him – now that I am feeling so low, all you could think is your blood line?! But our trust and respect for each other, is what makes us strong. Adonis Fertility International became such a blessing to us. When they say they find the best and most affordable help for you, they mean it. Today, we are proud par-ents of a beautiful boy, who at the age of 4 is a complete copy of his dad. I cherish the bond they have together. I have my two most precious men in my life. My heart is full.

Vermont, USA

Surrogacy is such a vulnerable subject. When I came into the process, I felt so low of myself. My self-image just plummeted. My husband and I already have spent crazy amount of money on IVF and nothing was working. We did not know how much further can we go.I was lucky one of my friends told us about Adonis Fertility. I am so grateful to have found them. They delivered on every promise, managed every little detail for us, and we did not have to get a second mort-gage to reach our dream.

Sophia and Robert
Nevada, USA

Infertility is emotional, painful, hard, and affects your relationship in so many ways. It tested me and my husband like we would never imagine. Adonis Fertility International has been incredible! They became a family to us. I hope they will for you as well.

Delaware, USA

Our surrogate mom was amazing! Although she was in Ukraine, she was big part of our life. It was so important for us to see her growth with our baby, to know how she is feeling, to under-stand her habits, routine, to be able to discuss her diet, exercises, and to see where she lives. Adonis Fertility International made the technology work for us and seem as we are right next to each other. She was the sweetest and most intelligent person ever. We can’t even begin to ex-press how happy we are.

Wells Family
New Hampshire, USA

I must be honest. We have not been outside of the United States ever. Going to Kiev, Ukraine for our surrogacy was a stretch big time. So many people around us said we are crazy. I am so glad we did not listen to any neigh-sayers. No problems legally or medically. Loved the hospitality, professionalism, open communication, honesty, transparency. We are lucky parents of Mia and Ethan.

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