23 Mar: COVID-19 travel update from March 22

ADONIS wants to update you about a 3-week lockdown in Kyiv that was introduced on March 22.

What does it mean for foreign travellers?

All ADONIS clinics will work without any changes, though with increased measures to prevent infection with Covid.
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03 Mar: Every Life is Sacred: How Surrogate Mothers are Screened in Ukraine

Every Life is Sacred: How Surrogate Mothers are Screened in Ukraine.
At Adonis Fertility International’s medical facilities in Kyiv, Ukraine, we are using one of the most selective screening processes in the field of assisted reproductive technology – to understand what chances there are of successful embryo implantation, and also to form a complete picture of the impact on the surrogate mother herself.

03 Mar: Frequently Asked Questions

Preparing a Surrogate Mother for Embryo Transfer.
Question: Generally speaking, how does Adonis Medical Group prepare surrogate mothers for embryo implantation?
Answer: ADONIS begins maximizing the chances of a successful transfer long before there is even an embryo to implant.

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