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ADONIS’ HOT SEAT WEDNESDAY, hosted by Maria Feekes, Executive Director of Adonis Fertility International, is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to ask questions directly to top specialists in this field.

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Lessons learned and future developments in the fertility world following my attendance at The Donor Egg Meeting.

Wednesday, May 1, 2024 @ 9 am PT | 10 am MT| 12 pm ET

I just got back from attending one of the most renowned global conferences regarding fertility, and I can’t wait to share what I learned with you. In our next webinar, I will walk you through everything I learned, including new breakthroughs and best practices regarding fertility and all that’s involved surrounding it. Breakthrough topics include: - Clinical, psychological, and laboratory techniques needed to maximize success with third party reproduction - Current and future alternatives, including the legal aspects of third-party reproduction - Insight form prominent USA-based doctors and professionals regarding the most recent fertility research and issues. Let’s gather to talk about these important developments.

From Egg to Embryo to Fetus - What You Need to Know

Wednesday, April 17, 2024 @ 9 am PT | 10 am MT| 12 pm ET
Margarita Bysova, Head of Embryology Department, ADONIS Medical Group
Maria Feekes, Executive Director of ADONIS Fertility International.

You probably have questions about the medical terms surrounding a baby’s development. ADONIS is pleased to host Margarita Bysova for our next webinar. She’s the Chief of the Embryology Department at ADONIS Medical Group and a top expert. Join us to learn about Margarita’s answers to your questions regarding: Embryo creation and quality Preimplantation Genetic testing Accepting biomaterial (sperm, oocytes, embryos) Safeguards (what to avoid) Preparation of embryos for embryo transfer Whether you’re currently on a fertility journey or are looking to start, you need to hear what Margarita has to say.

Understanding Surrogacy in Ukraine: Top 5 Things You Must Know

Wednesday, April 3, 9 am PDT | 10 am MDT| 12 pm EDT
Speakers: Oksana Lutsenko, Head of Legal Team, ADONIS Medical Group;
Maria Feekes, Executive Director of ADONIS Fertility International.

Although surrogacy in Ukraine has been available for over a decade, there are families around the world who are not familiar with this option. Oksana Lutsenko, the Head of the Adonis legal team, will join us to go over each aspect of the process. She will walk us through the most important questions. We look forward to supporting you!

Egg Donor Eligibility: Important Notes for Intended Parents.

Wednesday, March 20, 9 am PDT | 10 am MDT| 12 pm EDT
Speakers: Luiza Kuryliuk, Chief Partnerships Manager, Egg Donor Department, ADONIS Medical Group;
Maria Feekes, Executive Director of ADONIS Fertility International.

We want to uncover some of the industry standards and requirements that typically doctors or agencies would not share with you. We also would like to touch on some misconceptions we have noticed through our practice, as well as address pitfalls that exist, and questions you should be asking providers when making the decision about your egg donor.

A Guide to Legal Surrogacy Contracts in the USA

Wednesday, March 6, 2024 @ 9 am PT | 10 am MT | 12 pm ET
Kristen Armstrong, an attorney, and the Head of The Global Healthcare Law Group, APC;
Maria Feekes, Executive Director of ADONIS.

Kristen will share a step-by-step guide to understanding and negotiating surrogacy contracts. Learn about key legal terms and conditions. If you’re considering surrogacy in the USA, either as an intended parent or gestational carrier, don’t miss this webinar.

After Surrogacy or Donor journey: 4 Steps to Telling Your Child About Their Origins

February 21, 9 am PT/10 am MT/12 pm ET
Lisa Schuman, LCSW, Founder of The Center for Family Building;
Maria Feekes, Executive Director of ADONIS.

Should you tell your child their full story? What are the possible consequences of each decision? This week’s expert Lisa Schuman has helped hundreds of people build their families through surrogacy and egg/sperm donation. She’s lectured at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, conducted surrogacy-and-donor-related research, and was the only therapist asked to testify before the State Senate Judiciary Committee to legalize compensated surrogacy in New York. Join us to discuss your thoughts and hear Lisa’s perspective after having helped hundreds of families navigate this emotional topic.

Surrogacy Process: Understanding the Legal Differences
Between States in the USA

February 7, 9 am PT/10 am MT/12 pm ET/7 pm Kyiv
Maria Feekes, Executive Director of Adonis, and Kristen Armstrong of the Global Healthcare Law Group.

How much difference is there between states within the USA? A lot, and this information is not easily found online. Kristen will review specific case studies that could impact the outcome of your surrogacy. Join us to learn what to consider regarding surrogacy from state to state. 

Interview with IPs who successfully completed surrogacy journeys in Ukraine and the USA.

Wednesday, January 24, 2024 @ 9 am PT | 10 am MT| 12 pm ET
Open Q&A
Maria Feekes, Executive Director of Adonis, and Irina & Greg, Intended Parents.
Please register to attend.

We prepare for you exceptional webinar! Each fertility journey is filled with ups and downs. Talking about fertility in the first place usually means that you’ve experienced challenges and sadness. Nobody begins their parenting journey thinking that they may need a donor or surrogate to help reach their dream of a baby. Irina and Greg are now happy parents of 4 who spent years working towards their goal of a complete family. They’ll join us Wednesday, January 24th to share some of their best practices and moments that helped them along the way.

Best Practices with Our Deputy Director Amy Lester

See you on 8 of December, 2021 at 5 PM GTM, 9 AM PT, 10 AM MT, 12 PM ET

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Hi, friends! Wednesday, December 8th, we are back to our Adonis Wednesday Hot Seat. Many of you are asking, what’s the role of Adonis Fertility International in the Adonis family? How do we organize the process? What’s important to us when supporting our families from USA and Canada? What questions should you consider when selecting and planning your surrogacy? How can the safety of your biomaterial transport be ensured? We get all of these questions and many more. We wanted to spend time this week with Amy Lester, our Deputy Director of Adonis Fertility International, discussing the above topics and more.

Free webinar “Patient care: Accommodations & Logistics"

See you on 10 of November, 2021 at 5 PM GTM, 9 AM PT, 10 AM MT, 12 PM ET

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Tomorrow (November 10th), we’ll meet at our Hot Seat Wednesday. We are waiting for all our existing clients and of course new ones! The topic is – Patient care: Accommodations & Logistics.

Free webinar “IVF + Stem Cell Program for Ovarian Disfunction”

See you on 6 of October, 2021 at 5 PM GTM, 9 AM PT, 10 AM MT, 12 PM ET

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Join us for our next Hot Seat Webinar as we meet with one of our leading stem cell reproductive specialists, Dr. Victoria Orlova.

Free webinar “INFERTILITY TREATMENT IN UKRAINE: Open discussion and Q&A”

Join us on September 22, 5 pm GMT / 9 am PT / 10 am MT / 12 pm ET


This coming Wednesday, we will do an open Q&A on your pressing questions.


September 8th, 5 pm GMT | 9 am PT | 10 am MT | 12 pm ET.

Our speakers are:

Kateryna Medvid – Deputy Chairman of the Board (IC “InterExpres”)

Kozachuk Sergiy – Head of the Health Insurance Department (IC “InterExpres”)

There is exciting and powerful insurance now available for the IP’s who are looking to do surrogacy in Ukraine. The insurance covers both the medical side of the surrogacy, as well as the payments to the surrogate mother.

Medical Tourism in Ukraine: How To Choose The Right Accommodation

Aug 11, 2021 10:00 AM in Mountain Time (US and Canada)

USA CEO Maria Feekes

While our USA CEO Maria Feekes is on the ground in Kyiv, we wanted you to have the opportunity to have your questions answered by someone who has been dealing with apartments in Kyiv for more than 20 years. Aug 11, 2021 10:00 AM in Mountain Time (US and Canada)

Surrogate Delivery Process: What IPs Should Expect

Jul 14, 2021 10:00 AM in Mountain Time (US and Canada)

Maryna Sazonova – ADONIS’ Head of the Obstetric Hospital

ADONIS' Head of the Obstetric Hospital - Maryna Sazonova - one of the most important parts of the Surrogacy Program: Surrogate Delivery Process.

The Top 10 Things Men Need to Know About Their Fertility

Jun 30, 2021 10:00 AM in Mountain Time (US and Canada)

Dr. Oleksandr Tarasenko, Adonis Medical Group’s head of urology and andrology.

According to Dr. Oleksandr Tarasenko, Adonis Medical Group’s head of urology and andrology, many couples make the mistake of neglecting the male side of fertility. One great way to mitigate risk and increase the chances of success is to consult a urology specialist.

Gender Selection, PGD, and PGS in Surrogacy and IVF Programs

Jun 16, 2021 10:00 AM in Mountain Time (US and Canada)

ADONIS’ Deputy Director Embryology – Yevhen Shytikov and embryologist- Oleksii Kosenko

Yevhen Shytikov and Oleksii Kosenko are joining our next Hot Seat Wednesday to discuss this all-important element of fertility. Our team loves to unpack the how and why of embryology, so Adonis has invited them to our next webinar to translate this complicated process into easy, understandable facts you can use to help you navigate your ART journey. Gender selection and specifics of pre-implantation genetic testing in surrogacy and IVF

How to take care of the newborn after you leave the maternity hospital

June 2, at 9 am PT | 10 am MT | 12 pm ET | 7 pm Kyiv
ADONIS’ pediatrician – Inna Lazaruk MD

The first weeks at home with your newborn baby are always wonderful and exciting. You are just beginning to learn to interact with each other and you still have no answers to many questions.

The Emotional Side of IVF and Surrogacy

May 19, 2021 at 9 am PT | 10 am MT | 12 pm ET | 7 pm Kyiv
Adonis Medical Group’s Leading OBGYN, Mariya Sokolova, M.D.

On this week’s webinar, we want to let you know how to support yourself emotionally on your fertility journey.

Ukrainian Surrogacy: A Complete Profile of Your Surrogate Mother

ADONIS’ head of surrogate relations Elena Makarova.

April 21, 2021 at 9 am PT | 10 am MT | 12 pm ET | 7 pm Kyiv

It is only natural to want to know all the relevant details about your surrogate mother – her age, what she is like, what health indicators and habits she has, etc.

Free Webinar: Logistics Of Surrogacy. Top 10 Questions Asked by the IPs

April 7, 2021 at 9 am PT | 10 am MT | 12 pm ET | 7 pm Kyiv

Adonis’ Head of Coordinators, Ivanna Lesyk, and Deputy Director of Adonis Fertility International, Amy Lester.

Surrogacy during pandemic – let’s talk logistics! If you are in the surrogacy process and you’re wondering what else you need to know, here are the top 10 questions that intended parents have about surrogacy and the ever-changing “new normal”.

FREE WEBINAR “Plastic Surgery Abroad: Pros & Cons (based on real cases)”

March 24, 2021 at 9 am PT | 10 am MT | 12 pm ET | 7 pm Kyiv

Dr. Andrii Pasichnyk (MD. Surgeon, Plastic Surgeon) and Oleksandra Telehan’ (senior medical coordinator).

Our guests will speak about pros of doing plastic surgery in Ukraine: • High quality equipment - Professional experienced team • Affordable prices • Attitude towards the patient. You will be able to ask questions and find out how the team of ADONIS deals with any difficulties along the way. AND A GREAT BONUS from ADONIS for all participants! Among all listeners of the webinar we will choose 5 people who will receive a FREE consultation with Dr. Pasechnik for up to 30 minutes.

Free Webinar: The Ukrainian Surrogacy Exit Process

March 10, 9 am PT/10 am MT/12pm ET/19:00 Kyiv
Oksana Lutsenko, ADONIS’ attorney and legal department head 

We will also be looking at these key areas of the Ukrainian surrogacy exit process: • What Ukrainian legislation dictates regarding surrogacy and assisted reproductive technology. • The criteria necessary for participating in surrogacy program in Ukraine. • Power of attorney: what it is and the role it fulfills in the surrogacy process. • The legal post-birth exit process – timeline, documentation, birth registration, and more on examples of USA, Canada, UK. • Common mistakes and misconceptions about the exit process.

Pregnancy Observation and Vaccinations for Surrogate Mothers

February 11, 9 am PT/10 am MT/12pm ET/19:00 Kyiv
Natalia Tsylytsynska MD., Obstetrician-Gynecologist at Adonis

Many of you have questions about the COVID vaccination and whether or not to take it, if it’s available. We wonder whether it’s best to choose a surrogate who has had COVID. Might they be immune? What’s the outlook for vaccinated people and the outlook on the vaccine itself? Most importantly, we wonder how the vaccination is built into pregnancy observation, and which questions to ask medical providers when making vital decisions for a surrogacy program.

Preparing a Surrogate Mother’s Endometrium for IVF programs?

January 27, 9 am PT/10 am MT/12pm ET/19:00 Kyiv
Dr. Shiyanova, Chief Assisted Reproductive Technology, ADONIS Medical Group

Topics for discussion: 1. Hormonal preparation to synchronize the cycles of the genetic and surrogate mothers 2. Standard examination of the uterus when selecting a candidate for SM 3. When additional endometrial tests are performed with a surrogate mother 4. Possible reasons for a change in the timing of an embryo transfer 5. How we analyze a failed attempt 6. Pregnancy Confirmed: What's next?

Surrogacy abroad & Covid-19. Experience of Ukraine.

December 4, 9 am PT/10 am MT/12pm ET/19:00 Kyiv
Dr. Shiyanova, MD, Ph.D., Head of the Department of Assisted Reproductive Technologies of ADONIS

• What are the safe ways to start the surrogacy process during covid? • How has pandemics in general influenced the international surrogacy process? • What is the situation with Covid-19 in Ukraine today? • How to maximize the safety of families, surrogate mothers, and medical teams in today’s realities? • What are the top three trends in international surrogacy and IVF that are hard to ignore?

Second maternity hospital is opened!

November 18, 9 am PT/10 am MT/12pm ET/19:00 Kyiv
Olga Khabovets, Coordinator

On November 2, ADONIS opened a new Maternity Hospital in Kyiv, Ukraine. Conveniently located just 20 minutes from the country’s main international airport, Boryspil, and 10 minutes away from ADONIS’ fertility and pregnancy observation clinic, this private Maternity Hospital is a phenomenal choice for surrogate mothers and families going through surrogacy programs.

Behind the scenes of a surrogacy coordinator

October 22, 9 am PT/10 am MT/12pm ET/19:00 Kyiv
Ivanna Lesyk, Manager Coordination Team dedicated to our U.S. customers.

This session will provide you with a look behind-the-scenes into the work of our Program Coordinators.

Q&A with Chief Embryologist of ADONIS

October 7th, 9 am PT/10 am MT/12 pm ET/19:00 Kyiv
Margarita Bysova, Chief of Embryology Department, ADONIS Medical Group

We’ll give you a sneak-peak of what happens behind the scenes of Adonis’ embryo lab and cryobank.

5 Essential Components of a Successful Embryo Transfer

September 23, 9 am PT/10 am MT/12pm ET/19:00 Kyiv
Dr. Oksana Katraha, Assisted Reproductive Technology, ADONIS Medical Group

Dr. Katraha will to talk about her extensive experience of bringing surrogate mothers to successful pregnancy confirmations.

Answers to Your Top Questions About Delivery, NICU, and Ukrainian Maternity Hospitals

September 9, 9 am PT/10 am MT/12 pm ET/19:00 Kyiv
Dr. Dmitry Maslo, Head of Adonis Maternity Hospital

Dr. Dmitry Maslo has been a leading specialist in child birth of Ukraine for over 30 years. He and his team are trusted by elite members of Ukraine, including government officials, business leaders, and celebrities. I could not find a better person than Dr. Maslo to answer these questions and give us candid, un-biased feedback on child birth, including NICU and the outlook of Ukraine.

Monitoring Pregnancy in Ukraine

August 12, 10 am MT/12pm ET/19:00 Kyiv
Dr. Olga Chervotkina, Head of OBGYN, Adonis Medical Group

Monitoring the pregnancy is one of the most critical components of the surrogacy program. Dr. Olga’s deep expertise in this matter and attention to every detail is phenomenal. During this session, Dr. Olga answers some of the frequently asked questions.

Safeguard your Surrogacy in Ukraine

July 29, 10 am MT/12pm ET/19:00 Kyiv

Tatiana Chupahina, Director of Procurement and Risk Management, Adonis Medical Group

Tatiana’s main focus is to protect your programs and create the best solutions possible. The Ukrainian medical insurance market is the fastest evolving in the world. What was unimaginable even three years ago is a reality today. Tatiana will explain the trends, introduce key players, and let you know what to expect.

Egg and Sperm Donors in Ukraine 

July 15, 10 am MT/12 pm ET/19:00 Kyiv
Elena Makarova, Director Donor Department, Adonis Medical Group

Elena has spent over 15 years managing the largest tissue banks. She is behind the selection of the best donors and ensures thorough testing.

Making a decision about an egg/sperm donor is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. Your choice will have a direct impact on your baby. Elena’s goal is to provide you with the perfect donor for you.

Surrogacy and Other Medical Programs in Ukraine

Wednesday, July 1, 10 am MT/12 pm ET/ 19:00 Kyiv

Open Discussion & Q&A
Maria Feekes, Executive Director, Adonis Fertility International

This week, I will be in our open Q&A. Whether you’re just starting and are discovering all the steps or have specific questions about your particular phase of the program, jump in. I’m here to support you.

6 Critical Insider Tips about Traveling to Kyiv, Ukraine for medical programs 

Wednesday, June 17, 10 am MT/12 pm ET/19:00 Kyiv
Valentina Shevchenko, Senior Travel Advisor, ADONIS Medical Group

Valentina is a top expert when it comes to having inside information regarding travel to Kyiv, Ukraine.  After 13 years of working for leading airlines and managing a full-service, international tourist agency, her vast connections and expertise are invaluable. 

In this Hot Seat Open Q&A, we’ll discuss:

  • Latest status of travel to Ukraine (per country review and what green/red status means)
  • The best way to book tickets when flying during the transition from COVID-19 and beyond (her tips will save you hundreds of dollars, and we guarantee it)
  • Three things you need to know about COVID-19 insurance
  • How to best plan your self-quarantine if your country is in the red zone (a checklist of smart things that will be a life-saver for you)
  • Life-hacks when traveling to Kyiv (from planning your cash, meals, transportation – to the best stores to shop for your baby and/or your needs that only locals know about)
  • Review of the best destinations in Kyiv – places you must visit (but also how to visit them with the attention and support you deserve)

STEM Cell Programs with ADONIS in Ukraine

Wednesday, June 3, 10 am MT/12 pm ET/ 19:00 Kyiv
Dr. Kate Komisarenko, M.D., Medical Director,
Vitality – ADONIS Stem Cell Company

Best practices, successes, types of treatments, medical indications, and much more!


The idea for this special topic came from one of our customers, Denise. STEM CELL treatments have been proven to make a significant impact in many areas: anti-aging therapy, immune system, neurology, ophthalmology, orthopedics, surgery, urology, and gynecology.

Yet, many of these proven treatment options are not available in the USA and other countries.

We will dive into some of the areas during our session and answer your questions.

BTC Babies in Ukraine and the Future of Surrogacy

Wednesday, May 27, 10 am MT/12 pm ET/19:00 Kyiv

Nataliia Lazarieva, Senior Attorney, Adonis Medical Group of Companies

One of the strong points of surrogacy in Ukraine is the strict legislation surrounding it. The process set for parental rights establishment is one of the strongest in the world! Frankly, even the USA has more loopholes in its legislation regarding surrogacy and it varies from state to state.

It’s heartbreaking to see how some media outlets are sharing unreliable facts to spread panic, rather than providing helpful research to support people.

Join our open meeting with Adonis’ Senior Attorney, Nataliia Lazarieva. She will answer your questions honestly and won’t hold any information back. She’s open, genuine and one of the top experts on surrogacy in Ukraine.

We have no agenda other than to be here for you, answer your questions, and to serve you.

Common Misconceptions about PGD/PGS

Wednesday, May 13, 10 am MT/12 pm ET/ 19:00 Kyiv

Dr. Nataliia Vladykina, ADONIS’ Chief Assisted Reproduction Department

As many of you requested, we’ve added this topic to our Hot Seat Wednesdays!

Dr. Nataliia Vladykina is one of the world’s renowned experts on this topic. She’ll join us to share her expertise, clear common misconceptions, highlight trends, and answer questions to equip you with the knowledge you need to make the best decisions.

Behind the Scenes of Embryo Transport and COVID-19 Trends

Wednesday, April 29, 10 am MT/12 pm ET/19:00 Kyiv

Peter Hura, Director Courier Services, First Egg Bank

Sunil Gossai, Director, Cryozoom

Simon Hedley, Managing Director,  Ashling Mehan, USA Logistics, IVF Couriers LLP

One of the current frequently asked questions is “What happens with embryo transport during COVID-19, and how can the processes be expedited?”

During Adonis’ April 29 Hot Seat Wednesday session, we’ll provide access to experts from the biomaterial transport industry. Together, we’ll collaborate and brainstorm on what each of us can do moving forward.

The discussion will also include process overview, planning for transport once borders open, key things to be aware of when dealing with international embryo transportation, and the best practices to ensure your precious materials transport is a success.

7 best practices of International Surrogacy Agreements

Wednesday, April 22, 10 am MT/12 pm ET/ 19:00 Kyiv

Nataliia Lazarieva, Adonis’ Senior Attorney

Join us, as Nataliia Lazarieva, Adonis’ Senior Attorney, will go over the best practices of the fertility agreements in Ukraine that will protect your finances and give piece of mind. 

Covid-19 has required a new precedent of operations for international surrogacy and other assisted reproductive programs. Nataliia continues to see the same seven mistakes over and over due to agreements not being created with these specific critical provisions/best practices in place. It’s happening so frequently that it’s almost as if agencies and medical providers are trying to blow-up your budget and add steps.

While Nataliia is in our Wednesday Hot Seat, use her as your personal thinking partner to streamline your agreements and/or answer any pressing questions.

Pivot or Perish With Your Surrogacy Program – a Live Q&A 

Wednesday, April 15, 10 am MT/12 pm ET/19:00 Kyiv

Dr. Nataliia Vladykina, Chief ADONIS Reproductive Department

We’re all figuring out what the new normal is. Surrogacy programs in Ukraine are not an exception. Dr. Vladykina knows like no one else that in the crisis state we’re in, we must pivot or perish. 

Tune in for an open discussion on the topics that are on everybody’s mind right now:

  • It’s not just the virus, but how your surrogate mother is living during the virus.
  • The opportunity Intended Parents have regarding surrogate testing, embryo transfer, pregnancy observations, delivery, and other vital decisions.
  • What systems and adjustments must be made to the surrogacy process to ensure the health and well-being of your SM and baby.
  • Why you should start asking some tough questions to your agencies and medical providers ASAP.

ADONIS Baby Care Until You Arrive Program

Dr. Vitalii Znack, Dr. Yulia Syurkha, and Oksana GusSeva
Wednesday, April 8, 10 am MT/12 pm ET/ 19:00 Kyiv

A Live Open Discussion and Candid Conversation with the Head of the Adonis Maternity Hospital, Dr. Vitalii Znack, Head of the Adonis Neonatology Department, Dr. Yulia Syurkha, and Director of Patient Onboarding and Logistics, Oksana Guseva. Learn about the “ADONIS Baby Care Until You Arrive” Program and Maternity Hospital operation and SM deliveries during COVID-19 and beyond.

State of Ukraine 

from ADONIS Senior Attorney, Nataliia Lazarieva
Wednesday, April 3, 10 am MT/12 pm ET

Receive forecasts and information about travel to/from Ukraine for intended parents, travel within the Ukraine for surrogate mothers, and the latest regulations by the Ministry of Health surrounding the health and wellness of surrogate mothers during the surrogacy process, exit procedures, and other pressing topics which are on the top of mind of many intended parents right now.

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