6 Critical Insider Tips about Traveling to Kyiv, Ukraine for medical programs

No detail is too small when it comes to supporting those traveling to Ukraine for medical treatments.

Adonis Fertility International is always looking for the best for our clients whether they’re coming for a single program such as cost-effective, high-quality surrogacy, or are taking advantage of a whole suite of programs (age-reversal stem cell, cost-effective surrogacy, comprehensive immunity therapy boost, and more).

Valentina Shevchenko is one of our integral travel advisors. She tracks possible travel changes, knows how to save a significant amount of money in travel bookings, and provides an extra level of service and flexibility.

Valentina believes that what most travel companies and coordinators TOTALLY MESS UP is due to having a reactive model and a lack of smart planning. This is the clarion call of amateur travel management and is completely unacceptable.

Here are some critical things that we learned from Valentina during our recent Adonis’ Wednesday Hot Seat.

  1. Latest status of travel to Ukraine (per country review and what green/red status means):

Valentina went into the details on how navigate the green/red status of countries.
Here are some important links for you:

US Embassy in Ukraine – The latest Update

Countries regarding the red/green status of COVID-19 – Detailed List

Ukraine changes quarantine rules – New border crossing procedure

  1. The best way to book tickets when flying during the transition from COVID-19 and beyond:
    There was so much gold shared here. Tips included booking directly with airlines rather than on aggregate sites, checking with the airlines on the latest flight information, recommended airlines for travel to Ukraine, and when we may see travel resume and operate at a non-restricted capacity. She also suggests including ticket insurance to ensure flexibility should your travel plans need to be adjusted.
  2. Three things you need to know about COVID-19 insurance:
    Here’s what we learned:
    1. Insurance is mandatory if you’re traveling to Ukraine,
    2. There’s a list of companies the Ukrainian government recommends using,
    3. You must have a minimum of 30,000 Euro worth of coverage. The good news is the cost for this is relatively low.
  3. How to best plan your self-quarantine if your country is in the red zone (a checklist of smart things that will be life-savers):
    Valentina has given us vital tips including the mandatory app, planning food delivery and the best places for it, and let us know about the ability to step outside within 100 meters of your residency to look for enclosed playgrounds and nice walking areas.Note: June 26th update re Self-Quarantine

    The Ukraine Cabinet of Ministry has declared that citizens or travelers from “red zone” countries will not be required to pass a 14-day observation or quarantine if they take a COVID-19 test immediately after crossing the border and are negative. When flying through Kyiv, Borispol airport, there are now testing laboratories available. There are two tests available which allow you to receive results within 40 minutes or 3 hours. The average test cost is $50 euro/$56 USD.
  4. Life-hacks when traveling to Kyiv (from planning your cash, meals, transportation – to the best stores to shop for your baby and/or your needs that only locals know about):
    Great questions were asked about how much cash to have, and whether it’s best to bring cash and exchange it to Ukrainian local currency upon arrival, or to use cards. Valentina suggests having enough cash to pay for tips and any gifts you may buy from street vendors and local hand crafters. Otherwise, use credit cards and payment methods such as Apple Pay, which are very convenient in Ukraine.
  5. Review of the best destinations in Kyiv – places you must visit (but also how to visit them with the attention and support you deserve):
    Velentina highlighted some of them, and has compiled a list you can download below.


Following multiple requests from the audience, Valentina has put together a travel summary including: <make it a link to Landing Page>

  • COVID-19 Insurance Providers recommended by Ukraine
  • Self-Quarantine App from Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine
  • Food Delivery Places (download apps on your phone)
  • Best transportation companies to get around Kyiv, Ukraine
  • List of places to visit in Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Best malls (where locals love to shop – excellent selections and prices for you and your family, including a great variety of stores for baby and kid items)



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