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ADONIS Medical Group of Companies is a leader in international surrogacy and egg donations. It started with a vision over 22 years ago in Kiev, Ukraine. Today, the company operates through a network of highly qualified partners and groups of companies with the goal to provide top quality services to make your dream of a baby come true. Local support with global reach helps our customers receive just-in-time assistance.

Adonis Fertility International LLC was created specifically to respond to the needs of the USA patients. Conveniently located in Colorado, our support team is here to answer any questions, and are available to you at a moment notice.

Low Cost
Our prices are affordable because of our Surrogacy SMART Program, but more importantly, we care about your exceptional results.
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Our team will always be available to support you and make your process as easy and convenient as possible.
Trusted By Many
Thousands of patients from around the world trust our programs. Here is why we received a five-star rating.
Why Not Adoption
Genetic connection, simplified legal process, rigorous screening, and control over the prenatal environment are considered.


Surrogacy SMART is a program that finds the best and the most cost-effective international surrogacy option for you – guaranteed, convenient, and fully managed. Because smart, centralized medical operation, local presence, utilization of the latest technologies and innovation, and elimination of “go-betweens” all lead to the reduction of costs and increase in quality, service, and ultimately success rates.


1. Understand Your Best Option: complete new patient evaluation requirements and review fertility specialist recommendations.

2. Sign Program Coordination Agreement and Select Gestational Carrier

3. Enjoy 2 Visits to Amazing ADONIS Ukraine Fertility Center: to start medical process and then to meet your baby and complete your journey

Years of Experience
+ Babies Delivered
Countries Served
Skilled Employees

A place where family begins
Choose Your Journey
Healthy Surrogate Mothers

Rigorous selection process guarantees the best gestational carrier for your healthy baby.

Proven Success Rates

Exceptional work of the team leads to high success rates. Five-start ratings from our clients speaks volume to us.

Affordable Cost Structure

One of the things that you will love about working with us is our “no hidden costs and no surprises” policy!

State-of-the-Art Laboratories

Our labs are equipped with the latest achievements in technology and medical innovation.

Complete Suite of Legal Support

Our legal team ensures your parenting rights are established and all immigration procedures are handled for you without any delay.

Remarkable Team of Specialists

Our team consists of top reproductive endocrinologists and other specialists with 12-25 years of experience.

Because you can build a family
Success Stories
Colorado, USA

Adonis Fertility International became such a blessing to us. When they say they find the best and most affordable help for you, they mean it. Today, we are proud parents of a beautiful boy, who at the age of 4 is a complete copy of his dad. I cherish the bond they have together. I have my two most precious men in my life. My heart is full.”


I had many failed IVF attempts, I was struggling for a long time to have a baby. Adonis offered 2 candidates of surrogate mothers who were completely healthy women. It was difficult to choose between the two. And the medical and support teams were exceptional! So, finally, our baby was born and that’s wonderful! Now, our little Javi is 2 years old and is the greatest happiness of our life!

Colorado, USA

Adonis’ clear direct communication and thorough review of our situation helped us make some hard decisions. They are clearly at the top of their game and I trust them completely. I recommend this team to everyone I know!”


When we came to Kiev for the delivery of our daughter, we were blown away by the quality and the technology used at Adonis Medical Center. It is everything you would expect from the top-notch facilities with the most cutting edge technology working for us and the most brilliant doctors fighting the fight with us. We have two beautiful children now, thanks to Adonis Surrogacy Smart Program.

California, USA

Our baby is our life. Our everything! I know you are juggling between many choices right now. All I could say, just speak to Adonis – include them in your possible options list. We did and never looked back. They have been a gift to us.

Colorado, USA

We were facing a choice between surrogacy or adoption. My husband and I had to be very open about the options. I am so grateful he was able to share his deep thoughts on how important it is for him to have a genetic connection to a child. I could have gotten mad at him – now that I am feeling so low, all you could think is your blood line?! But our trust and respect for each other, is what makes us strong. Adonis Fertility International became such a blessing to us. When they say they find the best and most affordable help for you, they mean it. Today, we are proud par-ents of a beautiful boy, who at the age of 4 is a complete copy of his dad. I cherish the bond they have together. I have my two most precious men in my life. My heart is full.

Vermont, USA

Surrogacy is such a vulnerable subject. When I came into the process, I felt so low of myself. My self-image just plummeted. My husband and I already have spent crazy amount of money on IVF and nothing was working. We did not know how much further can we go.I was lucky one of my friends told us about Adonis Fertility. I am so grateful to have found them. They delivered on every promise, managed every little detail for us, and we did not have to get a second mort-gage to reach our dream.

Sophia and Robert
Nevada, USA

Infertility is emotional, painful, hard, and affects your relationship in so many ways. It tested me and my husband like we would never imagine. Adonis Fertility International has been incredible! They became a family to us. I hope they will for you as well.

Delaware, USA

Our surrogate mom was amazing! Although she was in Ukraine, she was big part of our life. It was so important for us to see her growth with our baby, to know how she is feeling, to under-stand her habits, routine, to be able to discuss her diet, exercises, and to see where she lives. Adonis Fertility International made the technology work for us and seem as we are right next to each other. She was the sweetest and most intelligent person ever. We can’t even begin to ex-press how happy we are.

Wells Family
New Hampshire, USA

I must be honest. We have not been outside of the United States ever. Going to Kiev, Ukraine for our surrogacy was a stretch big time. So many people around us said we are crazy. I am so glad we did not listen to any neigh-sayers. No problems legally or medically. Loved the hospitality, professionalism, open communication, honesty, transparency. We are lucky parents of Mia and Ethan.

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29 Jul: Questions You Wished You Asked Sooner
Surrogacy is a social arrangement, usually bound by a contract, in which a woman –- known as a gestational mother or surrogate –- agrees to carry and birth a child for another person or family with the help of assisted reproductive technologies (ARTs). 
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