Surrogacy SMART Program

Don’t just do surrogacy, do it SMART!

If you are looking for a surrogate mother to help you complete your family, we know how far you have went through the infertility treatments and how frustrated you might feel.

We know that you have already spent significant funds and went through a roller coaster of hopes going up and then being crashed because the treatments did not bring what you desire the most – your baby. We know that now you might be asking yourself – how much further can I go? What if this surrogacy option does not work? Am I even worthy of my biggest dream?

We know this, because we have helped thousands of parents through our Surrogacy SMART Program. Because we saw them on the other side – holding their happy and healthy child, growing as a strong and beautiful family, and continuing their day-to-day lives surrounded by their friends, family members, and all the things that they love and enjoy.

It is hard to describe the joy that we feel as we watch our parents returning back home with their babies and then writing us what a gift it has been to them. You WORTH every moment of your dream for a baby! Don’t ever let any voices of fear, doubt, or self-judgement tell you otherwise. 


What is Surrogacy SMART Program?


It is a program that finds the best and the most cost-effective international surrogacy option for you – guaranteed, convenient, and fully managed.

You may already have started to become aware of myriad of surrogacy options available to you, and the high costs, and the risks associated with them. We have made it our mission to design the program that is transparent, easy to deal with, and has guaranteed results.

There are three key areas we look at to ensure the top quality and service:

01. Health of the Surrogate

When you pursue surrogacy, you are placing an immense trust in your surrogate (gestational carrier): she must be medically fit to carry your baby, she can provide healthy environment during pregnancy, and there is a robust medical support system that can monitor her pregnancy at all times. Each of Adonis Fertility International gestational carriers is thoroughly screened before being matched to ensure that she is physically, mentally, and emotionally prepared for a surrogate process. Our clinics within Adonis Medical Group and our partners have the most rigorous processes in place that are compliant with the standards of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. Our proven success rates back up our work. A unique medical system that allows all branches of critical medical care be in centralized medical centers equipped to the latest technology innovation requirements support the top medical care at a moment notice.

02. Legal Representation and Support

You may notice that many infertility treatments, and surrogacy is not an exception, have two critical parts: medical and legal. Adonis Fertility International surrogates are located only in countries and states that are favorable to surrogacy and have highly developed legal regulations and processes that guarantee and fully protect the establishment of parenting rights and ensure no-delay timely return to your country. For example, one of our branches is specifically located in Ukraine – one of the most beautiful countries of Eastern Europe and where there is a great advantage for surrogacy compared to other countries, including US, because in Ukraine parenting rights are established at the time of conception which is many months ahead of the pre-birth orders in the United States. 100% of our parents who went through our Surrogacy SMART Program are happy with every step of our legal process and the exceptional results.

03. Transparent and Affordable Costs

Our efficient operation, strategic international locations, transparent costs, strict accountability and integrity on all levels puts you in complete control of the surrogacy financial investment. When you choose Surrogacy SMART Program you save because of SMART organization of processes around complete medical procedures, legal representation, travel costs, immigration, and more.

Can you imagine how you’re going to feel when you make one of the biggest decisions of your life with the confidence that comes from being prepared and knowing your options? Don’t just do surrogacy, do it SMART!