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Dear Friend,

We’re not sure how you got here. Maybe you read about us in a publication, or a friend referred you. Perhaps you found Adonis by chance.
However you got here, we’re glad you did!

Here’s why: Today, we’re talking about you.

If you’re looking for a surrogate mother to help you complete your family, we know how much you’ve been through and how frustrated you may feel.

We know you’ve likely spent significant funds and have gone through a roller coaster of hope – feeling up and then crashing due to unsuccessful conception treatments. Today, you may be asking yourself “How much further can I go? What if a surrogacy option does not work for me? Am I even worthy of my biggest dream?”


Stop disqualifying yourself. You are worthy of your dream and you will succeed!

We know you’ll succeed because we have helped thousands of parents through our International Surrogacy Program. We saw them on the other end of their journey where they’re holding their happy and healthy child, growing as a strong and beautiful family, and continuing their day-to-day lives surrounded by friends, family members, and things that they love and enjoy.

It’s hard to describe the joy we feel as we watch parents return home with their babies and then sharing what a gift it is to them. Don’t give up on your dream for a baby! Don’t let voices of fear, doubt, or self-judgement tell you otherwise.


The Three Most Common Questions Intended Parents Ask about International Surrogacy are:
  1. How much does it cost?
  2. Is surrogacy legal in Ukraine?
  3. What does the process look like?


01. How much does surrogacy cost?

You may already be aware of the myriad of surrogacy options available to you, the high costs, and the associated risks. You know that on average, surrogacy programs in the USA cost $165,000, which is absolutely impossible for many families.

We have made it our mission to design our surrogacy program to be transparent, easy to deal with, and with guaranteed results. Our goal is to provide the best and most cost-effective international surrogacy for you. There are several packages available, starting as low as $38,000.


02. Is surrogacy legal in Ukraine?

Surrogacy in Ukraine has one of the best and well established legal support process in the world because of regulations surrounding the rights of intended parents, obligations of the surrogate mother, and a convenient exit processes. There are several conditions which must be met in order for intended parents to qualify for surrogacy in Ukraine.

Adonis’ legal team supports you every step of the process, including understanding qualifications, creating required legal documents, translating, notarizing, and filing with government entities according to the latest requirements and regulations. We also work with you every step after the baby is born: establishment of your parental rights, acquiring a birth certificate, and getting every document ready for your meeting at the embassy.


03. What does the process look like?

We believe that there is a difference between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. You can be hungry and be satisfied by fast food, but you will probably never be loyal to them. Our customers continually refer friends and family to us and come back to us. They have incredible loyalty to what we do because they know we thrive on adding value. Our processes are focused on YOU and your success. Our role is to organize everything around your needs, to remove barriers, and to ensure every aspect is done to the highest standard of quality legally, medically, and ethically. From our project coordinators to medical specialists to experienced lawyers, our team is dedicated to helping you achieve a successful pregnancy and birth as the result of your surrogacy journey.

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Everything we do is about creating a new beginning and expanding your family!

Creating cost-effective, reliable, efficient, and guaranteed solutions to complete your family is what we do best. When people really begin to take their future and their dream of a complete family seriously, the realization of “you get what you pay for” no longer applies when it comes to our Surrogacy Program.

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