Behind the Scenes of Biomaterial Transport and COVID-19 Trends

We know that many parents going through international surrogacy programs have endless questions about biomaterial transport internationally and are asking “What happens with embryo transport during COVID-19, and how can the processes be expedited?

As shared during our most recent call with Adonis’ Senior Attorney, the Ukraine quarantine has been extended to May 15th. After that, the plan is to begin opening the country for travel inside and out, meaning: 

Phase 1 – inter-city transportation

Phase 2 – between-regions transportation

Phase 3 – opening air for international passenger travel

Some projections show that passenger air traffic will re-open is as late as mid-summer. 

In the United States, each state is looking proactively at travel policies. The same is happening in Europe and other countries.


Are there alternatives to biomaterial transport? Are there any projects/solutions we can learn from?


During Adonis’ April 29th Wednesday Hot Seat, leaders in the biomaterial transport industry gathered to provide real-time support and share their perspective on biomaterial transport. The discussion included updates and projections on international courier services, process overview, the integrity of biomaterial checks and balances, best practices for planning transport to ensure success, and key items to be aware of when dealing with international embryo transportation. 

We were impressed by the spirit of service demonstrated and the desire of industry leaders to add as much value as possible. It was an incredible example of the leadership and servant attitude, and spoke volumes to the values these companies hold. This is exactly the spirit of collaboration and creative thinking that’s needed today. 


A couple of notes:

  1. Each company shared that the safety of your biomaterial is the main priority. Safety will take precedence over speed. As each courier company looks for the best routes, they will be transparent on the pros and cons surrounding each solution.
  2. Developments regarding border access and options are tracked daily.
  3. Each company shared their take-aways on safety and their preferred processes for biomaterial handling.
  4. As of now, there are cases of biomaterial transport into the U.S., but there is currently none being transported from the U.S. Couriers have been able to come into the Ukraine from other countries (e.g. Europe). Once again – check with your courier to inquire whether multi-transit routes are an option for your case.
  5. The best course of action right now is:
  • Top priority: complete all your required paperwork for the clinics, including getting an official “Acceptance Letter” from a receiving clinic (when you work with Adonis Fertility International, we handle all management and due-diligence surrounding the paperwork and approvals as part of our complimentary convenience service).
  • Discuss travel options and current status with the courier of your choice.
  • If applicable, apply (along with the receiving clinic) to the Ministry of Health for permission for your chosen courier to be on their expedited entry list. Please note that this permission will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Permission is more easily obtained when the reasons for urgency are clearly explained. There must be a valid reason supported by the receiving clinic about why your case should be on the expedited travel permission list.
  • Be on stand-by with your courier – meaning, you will be notified as soon as a safe, approved route is available. It’s a good practice to check with your clinic regarding how much notice they require to prepare the shipment as well. Check if your clinic is now open, closed, or operating on a limited basis.



Adonis’ Wednesday Hot Seat

April 29: Behind the Scenes of Embryo Transport and COVID-19 Trends

First Egg Bank: Peter Hura, Director Courier Services
Cryozoom: Sunil Gossai, Director, Cryozoom
IVF Couriers LLP: Simon Hedley and Annare Bernet, Managing Directors,  Ashling Mehan, USA Logistics

If you did not get the chance to attend, here is the session archive



ADONIS’ HOT SEAT WEDNESDAY, hosted by Maria Feekes, Executive Director of Adonis Fertility International, is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to ask questions directly to top specialists in this field. 



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