Clinics and Egg Banks

Founded in 2012, as part of Adonis Reproductive Health Initiative, our extensive egg donor and gestational carrier programs became the premier international provider for clinics and egg banks worldwide. Working with us is convenient and non-exclusive. Our top fertility specialists and endocrinologists, state-of-the-art laboratories, project management, and logistics capabilities are here to support your patients and your extended network of partners. When You Work With Us, You:
  • Increase your donor and surrogate program. Gain access to 2,000+ highly qualified egg donors and gestational carriers. Eliminate the wait list and maximize the efficiency of your matching process even for the clients with the toughest selection criteria.
  • Ensure top quality. Our own egg donor and gestational carrier database include a wide variety of profiles, each extensively screened on a number of important criteria. Each candidate has to pass not only obligatory medical and phycological examination, but also genetic tests according to the high standards of ADONIS FAMILY: karyotype, DNA diagnosis of cystic fibrosis, DNA diagnostics, syndrome Martin-Bell or fragile X- chromosome, etc.
  • Reduce your costs. Our centralized full-cycle operation ensures a significant reduction of the costs while increasing the quality and success rates. For your labs, we arrange shipping and practice eggs as needed.
  • Elevate the level of knowledge and innovation. Get the most from our network events and training’s that share the latest advancements in our industry.
  • Benefit from Surrogacy SMARTTM Referral Program. Get rewarded while helping your patients become parents.
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