FAQ from our webinar “Best Practices with Our Deputy Director Amy Lester”

Getting to the heart of Fertility journey

ADONIS webinars are full of important information about Infertility treatment processes and aspects. 

We invite our specialists with wide knowledge in different areas to help people clear everything out or put their own question. 

“Getting to the Heart of Fertility Journey” webinar will be with one of the integral parts of ADONIS Fertility International in the USA, ADONIS Deputy Director Amy Lester. 

ADONIS clinics main aspects 

ADONIS Fertility International remains a part of ADONIS Medical Group of Companies. We are located in the USA for the convenience and support of clients from North America and Canada, but all medical processes and treatment are carried out in Kyiv, Ukraine. 

ADONIS Medical Group has its own technological basis and provides services for over 66 specialities. 

Amy Lester can share her great medical background and broad knowledge. 

“Amy, how long have you been in Fertility? What are your main insights about it?”

“It’s only since last year I have been in the Fertility world. The main thing that really inspires – is the strong will of our patients. The whole ADONIS team is working with different families which have incredible stories. They are all fighting for their main goal – a happy parenting. From the moment the Infertility treatment starts, we do our utmost to make it a reality, no matter what Program it is – IVF or Surrogacy.” 

“Thank you for your insights and emotions. 

Infertility treatment process can be really complex, and emotions are so high. You can not be not involved, am I right?”

“Absolutely. When you deal with pregnancy or baby delivery – you can not be not involved. We are in touch with the families 24/7 to ensure confidence and help. Yes, it can be stressful, but we know what we are doing it for. 

It is also important to have support from the side of close people – I have people that are always around.

And, of course, all of these will be impossible without the incredible ADONIS team.”

“Thank you. I know you have added a lot of improvements and helpful  processes across the board for the duration of your work. 

What are the main checkpoints in the process of Infertility treatment? Tell us your main message.”

“I believe that one of the most crucial checkpoints is to ask a lot of questions, even hard ones. We are faced with a lot of examples, when families do not know the nuances of embryo creation or embryo transporting in other clinics, such ignorance can provide additional expenses and problems. When you are learning about a clinic – please, ask questions about everything.”

“Right, you need to have freedom in decision making. Make sure that your clinic will provide you with such a level of protection. I really appreciate your approach.”

“Some of our Intended parents have biomaterial all around the world – so I need to know how to work with Chezh Republic, Poland or Mexico, I need to understand the biomaterial transportation system to provide the highest support for the patients. We need to be creative and responsible for the whole process during Infertility treatment, because we are fighting for the parenthood dream. I do not like to be told NO, and I don’t like to not be successful.”

“Great. So the main practices include a strong support system, attentiveness to small print and opportunity to ask difficult questions.” 

That’s absolutely right!

“And what about biotransport? What are the main practices for families who undertake Assisted Reproductive Technologies?”

“Firstly, it is  valid infectious disease testing at that time you’re going to carry out embryo creation – lack thereof could delay your treatment process. 

Make sure that your bio courier is responsible. No X-Rays, maintaining subzero temperature, no custom problems. It will provide the peace of mind for you that is worth every penny. There was an example in one Spanish clinic, when biomaterial was shipped by postal service. An egg was cryopreserved 6 years ago and now it is lost, and the shipping company has no idea where the package is now. Ask important questions before you’re going to transport – Who is going to transport? Are they hand carried, meaning is there a human being? Unfortunately there are only a few hand carry companies, so be aware.

“Definitely. And what are the first steps at the very start of Infertility treatment?”

“I advise families to consult with a number of Agencies, to get to know their Programs. It will give you a better understanding and help to compare the approaches. 

Of course, one of the best practices is to be sure that your treatment is under control and is organized according to the initial plan.

ADONIS provides well-organized Program plans with reviews and access. It’s really helpful. The whole Infertility treatment process is overwhelming, so we always ensure individual consultation with our specialists to clear out all fears or omissions. All pieces of the ADONIS Programs are manageable and adaptive for patients’ requests.”

“That’s wonderful. What about the exit process and parenting rights establishment in different countries? What are the main aspects?”

“There is a big differentiation in the parental rights establishment and legal regulations about Surrogacy in each of the countries. 

You need to understand the legal parameters of the country where your Surrogacy Infertility treatment is carried out. 

Parenting rights establishment can differ too. If you are considered the parents from the moment of conception – you have more rights in any medical decisions. If it is from the moment of baby birth – then your right is shared with other people, even the Surrogate. It will have a great impact on your Surrogacy processes. I recommend to agree for the Surrogacy with the condition to be the parents from the moment of conception.”

“What is the particular moment of Surrogate selection in ADONIS? What is the process?”

“One thing that needs to be mentioned is that in some countries you need to wait a couple of years to be matched with a Surrogate, in the USA, for example. 

ADONIS makes the priority that your waiting time will be between only 2-4 weeks, there is no long waiting list when you deal with our service. It is really important for both sides – for the Surrogate who goes through the intense process of diagnosis and is ready to be matched, and for the Intended parents who want to start the Surrogacy as soon as possible.

If you are interested in a twin pregnancy – then we will be looking for the Surrogate without a c-section, we consider every specific thing to choose the best woman for the Surrogate role for the family.”

“Phenomenal! Let’s imagine that someone is looking for the IVF Program, what do we need to know about this?”

“To start IVF Program in ADONIS family needs to go through the hormonal and ultrasound testing (you can do it in your own country), some of the testings need to be done in ADONIS own laboratories, but we create the best conditions for our patients, for their comfort and success. 

We will develop a detailed Program for your case, and give you a more specific timeline for IVF.”

“Right. And if there are any words from you to those who are just at the beginning of the Infertility journey?”

“You need to have a clear understanding about the Infertility journey. And then asking all of those prospective Agencies about Infertility Programs. All of the nuances.”

“Now, it’s time for the holidays. Do you have any wishes?”

“The world of Fertility has impacted me. I want the best success for our Intended parents, because the best team of ADONIS is working 24/7 for their well-being.”

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