Big journey of Maria Feekes

Big things have been happening at ADONIS lately and we can’t wait to show you – live!

In fact, we’re so excited, ADONIS Fertility USA CEO Maria Feekes has made her way to Kyiv to give you a close-up of ADONIS’ head offices herself.

Starting on August 4th, get ready for two weeks of #wonderADONIS – facility tours, expert interviews, and other stories and features that will help you see firsthand the whole ADONIS journey from start to finish.

We want you to feel like you’re right there with Maria so that the real deal goes as smoothly as possible.

Maria will also be guiding you through travel and leisure tips, like:

  • Navigating Boryspil International Airport
  • Kyiv’s best districts
  • Choosing local apartments and hotels
  • What to see, where to eat, and how to relax in between clinic visits

Follow us on Instagram to catch every minute of the action! That’s where we’ll be posting and hosting everything.

And just for fun, one of you is getting a prize!

The first follower of our Instagram page who can correctly guess how many times our official Instagram page uses the hashtag #wonderADONIS in stories between now and August 16th will get a completely free teeth cleaning at our ADONIS dental clinic during your next visit to Kyiv!

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