How to find a surrogate mother: through a clinic or without. What’s the best for you?

From our experience in ADONIS, one of the most critical decisions intended parents will make during the surrogacy process is to choose the right surrogate. 


As intending parents, you will feel overwhelmed by the prospect of finding a surrogate who is fit with your goals and willing to bear your child. 


You must take into account many factors while choosing: physical health, psychological adequacy, absence of bad habits etc. Also, it is important to listen to your intuition – a surrogate mother should be suitable and you should like her personality.


There are three main methods how you can find a surrogate:


  1. It can be a relative or an acquaintance, whom you trust completely and can take her into the program.


  1. You independently search on the Internet and among the ads. This is your choice, but there are some strings attached, since all the responsibility falls on you, all medical and legal control is yours. When you independently conduct a program you are responsible for all stages from the search till legalization.


  1. The clinic or center selects the best candidates and you choose one of them. 


So the first step in finding a surrogate is deciding whether you want to go it alone or use the services of a surrogacy clinic.


The main advantage of finding a surrogate mother without using a surrogacy center is the total cost of surrogacy, which could be lower in some cases. 


But yet, there are many challenges of finding a surrogate without a clinic/center you should consider:

  • In a private surrogacy, the services you’ll need can be more difficult to arrange, such as personal medical records and background checks. It can be even more complicated if you are unfamiliar with the surrogacy method.
  • It could be less expensive for you. However, you would also have to pay for additional professionals, which may be costly and bill by the hour rather than a flat rate as in a surrogacy agency.
  • In a private surrogacy, intended parents have more control over any aspect of the surrogacy process. However, this may be a difficult challenge, and the right surrogacy agency can be able to provide you with the level of control you want.


The advantages of using a surrogacy clinic or agency to find a surrogate 


  • Most centers have extensive databases that can match intended parents with surrogacy opportunities based on criteria, surrogacy goals, and other factors. 
  • To protect involved parties in the surrogacy process, centers thoroughly screen potential surrogates.
  • In addition to matching services, centers offer most or all of the surrogacy services, education and support intended parents and surrogate mothers need throughout the process

The cost of a surrogacy center’s matching services may extend to your total surrogacy budget. But in ADONIS, for example, we have a variety of programs to choose from, and the prices are very competitive compared to USA or EU markets. 

Therefore, it is easier with a clinic and there is a great advantage – you are already working with experienced professionals in this field, whom you can trust. So you pay a little more, but you save a lot of time and avoid extra risks that can appear along the way. 


At ADONIS, we have a large base and we take full responsibility for all the medical, psychological screenings as well as legal processes. 


Our surrogacy team may be able to assist you in overcoming certain obstacles, minimizing your waiting period and ensuring that you are only matched to surrogacy opportunities in which you are comfortable.

We provide the full circle service: from finding the best surrogate to delivery and legalization.

We do our best to make all processes as smooth as possible in order to achieve the best result – create a new happy family!