How much do IVF and surrogacy cost in Ukraine? Is it worth coming across the world?

We recognise that fertility treatment is a major financial and emotional commitment. The cost of IVF and surrogacy can be something that stops you from going through the program.

That is why in ADONIS we do all we can to provide each patient with a solution that satisfies their needs while requiring the least amount of money in order to achieve their desired result — a healthy baby. We will assist you if you’ve been dealing with infertility and need a cure that works for you.

To be more specific about why you should consider the surrogacy program in Ukraine, let’s compare prices around the world. 

The average cost of surrogacy in the USA can range from $90,000 to $130,000 depending on the individual arrangements and from the state. Moreover, in some states surrogacy is completely prohibited.

Costs of surrogacy in Canada can range from $70,000 – $90,000, given the costs involved, which include agency fees, legal contracts, reimbursements to the surrogate, medical and psychological screening, fertility clinic costs, and embryo transfer, which can quickly mount up well beyond the expectation of the person(s) footing the bill.

A surrogacy journey in the UK costs £50,000 – £60,000 (about $80 000). This includes embryo creation, fertility clinic fees, surrogate expenses, surrogacy agency fees, legal fees, and additional expenses like life insurance and wills.

But, it is important to note that both in Canada and in the UK, the surrogate mother participates in the program only on an altruistic basis, which can lead to certain difficulties in the program and further registration of the child. Also, in these countries, both traditional and gestational surrogacy is used.

Meanwhile here in ADONIS, in Ukraine we use only gestational surrogacy to protect intended parents and surrogate mothers, and our programs starting from 35,000 USD and our best offer of all-inclusive “UNLIMITED attempts” surrogacy package costs total of 55,000 USD including reimbursement for the surrogate. 

If we talk about IVF packages, the cost starts from the basic IVF + ICSI with medicine cost

$ 6001, and more, depending on the need for donation and other factors

We are confident in our ability to fulfill your expectations, so we are pleased to provide various IVF and surrogacy program packages with different costs, which provide peace of mind and a stress-free solution for many parents needing a trusted solution.

Surrogacy can be challenging, confusing, and leave both the surrogate and intended parents feeling insecure – which is frightening given the stakes. There are, however, many success stories and others who enjoy the surrogacy journey and all of the pleasure it is meant to bring.

To set up an appointment and find the best offer for you, please contact our office.