Every Life is Sacred: How Surrogate Mothers are Screened in Ukraine

Every life is sacred.


This four-word phrase carries heavy implications especially when talking about surrogacy.

Dry medical jargon and cold scientific analysis can reduce the players involved to their functions alone.

Gestational carrier. Egg donor. Embryo implantation.

But behind the technical terminology, there is a surrogate mother giving an incredible gift; a hopeful family with a burning desire to love and nurture a child; and a potential human being an anticipated person.

Life is sacred and we at Adonis Fertility International and Adonis Medical Group owe it to surrogate mothers, hopeful families, and potential human beings to unwaveringly honor the sanctity of every life when leading them through this journey.

This means holding both the dignity and health of the surrogate mother and the embryos best chance at successful transfer as our shared top priorities every step of the way.

This begins long before we prepare the surrogate mother for embryo transfer even as early as the screening process.

If you have decided to begin looking for a surrogate mother, you may be wondering about the ethical intricacies of surrogacy. Many families that make us part of their fertility journey come with concerns about the effect on the surrogate mother her body and her mind.

At Adonis Fertility Internationals medical facilities in Kyiv, Ukraine, we address these concerns by using one of the most selective screening processes in the field of assisted reproductive technology to understand what chances there are of successful embryo implantation, and also to form a complete picture of the impact on the surrogate mother herself.

Our doctors aim to know the surrogate candidate as a whole, complete person in addition to a gestational carrier but we also perform dozens of evaluations purposed to specifically assess the success of embryo transfer. (Questions about our screening tests? Book a consultation with one of our fertility specialists.)

One of the many tests that we conduct is the pipelle biopsy of the endometrium.

Now, the idea of an endometrial biopsy might make you cringe, considering the great sensitivity of reproductive organs and the harsh, abrasive emotional image of the word biopsy.”

But the pipelle endometrial biopsy actually has almost no impact on the surrogate mother. The test is only performed after thorough gynecological testing to ensure that there is no risk of infection. The biopsy is also minimally invasive there is no scraping, bleeding, or scarring, and the walls of the surrogate mothers endometrium are not impacted at all.

With so little of an effect on the surrogate mother, you may be wondering if this biopsy actually results in any valuable information. In fact, it does this test offers nuanced insight into the composition of the surrogate mothers endometrium. Our doctors will gain a crucial understanding of its chemical composition an understanding which then helps them adjust their trajectory of preparing the surrogate for a successful embryo transfer.

The pipelle endometrial biopsy and many of Adonisother screening evaluations go above and beyond the requirements outlined by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. We employ these tests to maximize the embryos chances at implantation, while protecting the health and safety of the surrogate mother. For us, these screenings are a matter of due diligence to the sanctity of all lives being impacted by the surrogacy process.

Of course, some integral decisions are made throughout the surrogacy preparation which affect only either the health of the surrogate mother, or the chances of successful transfer.

But as we walk with a hopeful family and a surrogate mother on their journey together, we are guided by two all-important ideals, brought together in one simple creed

Maximize the chances of successful implantation as early as the first try and protect the health and dignity of the surrogate mother, because every life is sacred.”

If you are considering surrogacy, or surrogate motherhood, and you would like us to help make your miracle happen, please reach out to us via this contact form.