Five Things That You did not realize about Surrogacy in Ukraine

Ukraine has been one of the most attractive destinations for surrogacy for quite a long time now. Stability of the laws surrounding assisted reproductive services, high level medical practices, and years of success make the top of the list.  In addition, there are aspects that allowed Ukraine to be recognized as the “gem of Europe”.

Here are Five Things That You did not realize about Surrogacy in Kiev, Ukraine
  1. Our medical facilities are located in Kiev, one of the most beautiful and historical places in the world! Kiev’s history is going back at least 1,400 years. Gradually acquiring eminence as the center of the East Slavic civilization, Kiev reached its Golden Age as the center Kievan Rus’ in the 10th–12th centuries. If you have never seen Kiev before – get ready for a trip of your life!
  2. Ukrainian mentality is very similar to the one of the United States and Europe. People are pleasant, happy, well educated, generous, welcoming, and incredibly hospitable. This is a country with one of the lowest crime rate in Europe.
  3. Kiev is easily accessible from all corners of the world. Visas are not required for US, Canada, and most other countries.
  4. Surrogate mothers in Ukraine are well respected and admired. The living conditions could serve as an example to many countries. In addition, Ukraine’s practice of organic agriculture does not provide a second choice for surrogate moms – their diets is organic and healthy by default!
  5. The history of Kiev and Ukraine not only left breath-taking monuments, architecture, culture, but it also provided one of the richest pool of genotypes. Here, you can find your ideal type egg or sperm donor.
Ready for a bonus?

Did you know that in Ukraine, the intended parents receive full custody of a child at the time of conception? Yes, you heard it right! Forget about pre-birth orders that some states in the US are so fortunate to have, not to mention those US states which do not have it at all. In Ukraine, there are no exceptions – full custody at the time of conception. The Ukrainian laws make it impossible for egg/sperm donor or surrogate mother/gestational carrier to be recognized as the parent. No grey areas. One of the best protections for the intended parents in the world!