Free webinar “POST-COVID treatments and stem cell immune-boosting therapy at ADONIS​”

ADONIS Medical Group of Companies is one of the leading private medical group of Ukraine. ADONIS has set up multidisciplinary teams of experienced medical doctors, nurses, and other professional staff to integrate quality treatment, making it the best healthcare destination in Ukraine.

Twice a month we broadcast “Hot Seat” webinars to discuss the most live topics in medicine.

On February 24, together with our partner Vitality stem cells Clinic and Research Center we decided to discuss POST-COVID treatments and stem cell immune-boosting therapy.

During the live broadcast on Wednesday, you will have a unique opportunity to ask the leading doctor from Vitality stem cells Clinic and a highly experienced specialist on the market all your questions.

Top questions to discuss:

1.  What are the main areas of the stem cell treatments available at ADONIS?

2.  What is post-Covid syndrome and what are the symptoms?

3.  What are the goals of post-Covid Immune-Therapy using the Stem Cells?

4.  What are the results and how long the recovery from post-Covid take, and do patients fully recover?

5.  What are the latest news from the world of stem cell research?

6.  What are other applications of Stem Cell Immune-Therapy (anti-age, fertility)?

Our speakers:

Kateryna Komisarenko, MD​ – Medical director at Vitality Stem Cells clinic and Research Center

Maria Feekes – Executive Director, ADONIS Fertility International – ADONIS USA

Registration for the webinar is open: http://bit.ly/stemcells_webinar