Adonis’ Educational & Testimonial Video Library

International Surrogacy Testimonial

Dr. Nataliya Vladykina

Ivanna – Chief Patient Coordinator

Nataliya Kuhar – Attorney

ADONIS Educational and Testimonial Video Library

An inverse relationship has a fundamental importance in the treatment field, especially when we talk about healthy carrying and birthing of a baby.

Educational awareness of every step of Surrogacy treatment is an important part of preparation for future parenthood.

The special educational and testimonial ADONIS video library is created to enhance your knowledge and improve situational awareness. A wide range of useful content is provided, including:

  • interviews with qualified specialists of the field
  • information about the doctors who are behind the scenes
  • attorney support with the help of ADONIS legal team
  • chief patient coordinator interviews
  • reviews from happy parents who share their experiences

ADONIS cares about the patients’ support and peace. That’s why every person has a coordinator who is always ready to come to your aid. Video interviews with our chief patient coordinator will clarify the most contentious issues. Together with qualified talking points of our doctors, you’ll find all the answers to your questions.

Short-duration, meaningful, and useful video footage is produced by the ADONIS team. You’ll find useful knowledge introduced by these videos. Happy families who are past clients  share their experiences and explain the process from their perspective. You’ll get acquainted with people who are now  content parents with the help of ADONIS.

The work of ADONIS is dedicated to the happiness of our families worldwide. Your smiles and and the smiles of your children is our team’s greatest reward. The ADONIS Educational and Testimonial Video Library is a goldmine of information for your peace of mind.

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