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Adonis Fertility International LLC ultimate goal is to help couples have children. To accomplish this, our skilled team works diligently to stay on top of quality control. We make every effort to continually improve our knowledge base and methods. Although we have some of the highest success rates that surpass Society For Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART) and Center for Disease Control (CDC) assisted reproductive technology rates, when you are considering any IVF or surrogacy solutions, it is important to discuss your specific case to understand factors that will influence your outcomes: age, medical diseases, genetic factors, and many others.

Some reasons we are so successful:
  • Our facilities are equipped with the latest technologies.
  • We maintain strict quality control.
  • We hire and train the best doctors and scientists who are on the cutting edge of medical technology and science in treating infertility and are recognized as the leading practitioners in the field.

How to Read the Success Rates


Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) regulations vary nationally and internationally. Often, agencies and clinics might report only a portion of data or limit the representation of data to only most successful segments of their practice, yet your specific case might call for data not included in the general summary.  In the United States, a great initiative, lead by SART and CDC, has taken place to standardize the data and provide a common baseline result comparison and data selection.

When reading the success data, some general trends are: pregnancy rates, birth rates, rates with the patient’s own eggs (including fresh and frozen cycles), and donor eggs.

When looking at pregnancy rates, clinical rate means that the pregnancy has been confirmed clinically. You also might see the data broken into cumulative outcome, primary, and subsequent outcomes. According to SART, “for the reporting year during which a cycle was started for egg retrieval, a live birth resulting from the cycle may occur as a primary outcome or a subsequent outcome. Either outcome contributes to the cumulative outcome of the cycle that was started for egg retrieval. Only one live birth will contribute to the cumulative outcome so it cannot exceed 100%.” For IVF, age of a patient plays a significant role, and therefore look for data broken down by the age groups. The data for donor and surrogacy (gestational carrier) is reported based on the collided age data of patients. Live births are calculated as a percent to total number of patients in the process within the reporting year.

Patient’s Own Eggs
< 35
National Average Cumulative Outcome: Live Births per egg retrieval cycle 46.8% 34.4% 21.0% 10.1% 3.1%
Adonis Fertility Intl Cumulative Outcome: Live Births per egg retrieval cycle 55.3% 41.2% 26.3% 15.5% 3.5%
National Average Primary Outcome: Live Births per egg retrieval cycle 38.6% 29.5% 19% 9.4% 3.0%
Adonis Fertility Intl Primary Outcome: Live Births per egg retrieval cycle 49.4% 37.3% 26.9% 14.1% 3.9%
National Average Primary Outcome:

Clinical Pregnancies

45.3% 35.7% 24.3% 13.4% 5.3%
Adonis Fertility Intl Primary Outcome: Clinical Pregnancies 57.1% 44.3% 29.7% 17.4% 5.7%
National Average Subsequent Outcome (Frozen Cycle): Live Births 46.1% 42.7% 38.3% 34.8% 27.9%
Adonis Fertility Intl Subsequent Outcome (Frozen Cycle): Live Births 65.2% 54.1% 53.8% 46.7% 43.8%
National Average Subsequent Outcome (Frozen Cycle): Clinical Pregnancies 56% 53.2% 48.7% 46.2% 37.6%
Adonis Fertility Intl Subsequent Outcome (Frozen Cycle): Clinical Pregnancies 69% 67.4% 66.3% 63.9% 49.5%
Donor Eggs
Live Births National Average
Live Births Adonis Fertility Intl
Fresh Donor Eggs 48.9% 74.5%
Frozen Donor Eggs 39.3% 72.1%
Thawed Embryos 42.4% 65.1%
Donated Embryos 40.4% 64.4%


Surrogacy Adonis fertility international
Pregnancy Rate
Primary Outcome
Live Births
primary outcome
Surrogacy Without Donor 62.5% 59.4%
Surrogacy With Donor Eggs 75.4% 73.3%
Surrogacy With Sperm Donor 69.3% 67.8%

Every situation is unique and different. One of the most powerful tools we provide to our clients through Surrogacy SMARTTM Program is helping them understand the complete picture of all the factors that will contribute to your success.

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