Welcome to our new private clinic on Sofiyivska Borshchahivka

In 2021, a brand – new clinic in the ADONIS network of medical groups will operate, providing quality outpatient and inpatient care to citizens of Sofiyivska Borshchahivka and nearby areas in the Kyiv region.

At 90 Akademika Shalimova Street, the Innovative Medical Center is located. This building was created expressly for the medical center’s unique requirements.

On 5 floors of the clinic are located:

  • Pediatric clinic;
  • Clinic for adults;
  • Diagnostic department (CT, MRI, X-ray, dental CT, ultrasound)
  • Laboratory;
  • Women’s consultation;
  • Surgical department for adults and children;
  • Ambulance substation;
  • Gynecological department;
  • Dentistry for children and adults;
  • Oncology with oncosurgery;
  • Orthopedics and traumatology;
  • Otorhinolaryngology, proctology and other areas;

The medical center’s doctors follow to European principles of provability, empathy, and responsibility for the outcome. Specialists are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and are ready to assist in any emergency. We’ve set up the interdisciplinary clinic in such a way that it can completely meet the needs of patients. The new ADONIS branch in Sofiyivska Borshchahivka is a high-end medical facility.

Trusting our experts means regaining and sustaining your health for many years.

Clinic characteristics

For more than 20 years of successful work, ADONIS centers select patients not only from Ukraine but also from abroad. The 12th branch of ADONIS is a modern continuation of the clinic’s tradition, thanks to integrated approaches to the patient and his family members.

Full staffing

The new clinic in Sviatoshyn is fully prepared for diagnostics, as well as scheduled and emergency surgical procedures. Patients receive full-cycle care at the clinic, with no expectations or overpayments.

Powerful clinical base

Today the work of the center is directed to more than 40 medical and diagnostic areas. Doctors working in the ADONIS team are constantly improving their professional competence and working according to modern protocols approved by the Ministry of Health.

Own ambulance

There are situations when the health and further quality of life of the patient depends on the timely intervention of the doctor. At such moments, ADONIS is ready to be there thanks to its own SMD team. The multidisciplinary center on Shalimov is equipped with its own emergency substation. Residents of residential areas and surrounding cities can receive quality assistance 24/7. To call the SMD team, call 8822.

Any type of patient can be managed.

Toddlers and adult patients, routine examinations and emergency care, modern surgery – all this is embodied in the private clinic ADONIS in Sviatoshynskyi district. Outpatient reception, surgical interventions, postoperative observation, inpatient treatment: in the center on Shalimov will help everyone who applies.

European medicine at affordable prices

The quality of care provided by ADONIS MC meets strict European standards. At the same time, prices are available to a wide segment of patients.

Clinical directions of the medical center

We care about the comfort of patients, creating conditions in which you do not need to wait for a doctor’s appointment or go to a specialist on the other side of town. A multidisciplinary clinic (Sviatoshynskyi district, Sofiivska Borshchahivka) is located on 5 floors of the ADONIS medical center, working in more than 40 areas. Including:

  • Therapy
  • Pediatrics
  • Dentistry
  • Obstetrics and gynecology
  • Oncology and oncosurgeons
  • Orthopedics and traumatology
  • Full cycle surgery for adults and children
  • Otorhinolaryngology, proctology and other areas

You can find out the full list of destinations, as well as make an appointment with a doctor at:

044 299 7 999

067 220 36 03


Innovative Medical Center (Sofiyivska Borshchahivka, Kyiv) meets strict European standards. When we recruit doctors to the ADONIS team, we carefully monitor that the specialists are not only competent, but also have a high level of emotional intelligence. According to patients who have trusted us with their health, empathy, involvement, altruism are the hallmarks of our experts.

During the consultation, the specialist will study the anamnesis, ask questions, select the optimal treatment. If additional examinations or consultation of a narrow-profile specialist are needed to clarify the diagnosis, all the necessary help can be obtained in the relevant department of the center on the same day.

ADONIS physicians are responsible to patients, society, and colleagues for every clinical decision. Make sure of this in person by making an appointment.

How to make an appointment

Like any private clinic in Kiev (Borshchahivka district) ADONIS has its own contact center.

To make an appointment for a test or consultation with a doctor, call:

044 299 7 999

067 220 36 03

The operator will make an appointment with a doctor at a convenient time. Also during the conversation, the operator will announce the price of the consultation, answer related questions.

To call the emergency medical team, use the short number 8822 or press “1” when calling through the contact center.


Kyiv, Akademika Shalimova Street, 90