Top reasons why you should choose ADONIS for plastic surgery. FAQ’s about medical tourism in Ukraine

We have prepared FAQ’s about medical tourism in Ukraine, specifically about plastic surgery in ADONIS.

What are the advantages of doing plastic surgery in Ukraine comparing with other countries? 

Medical tourism is becoming extremely popular. Every year more and more patients searching for countries where to go for plastic surgery. And Ukraine is becoming rather a popular destination in the world for plastic surgery due to the positive reputation of health care providers and s well for a very decent and attractive price and quality ratio. Because prices are extremely competitive in Ukraine not only for medical services but also for accommodation, for shopping, for food, for flights. We have now more and more open flights and a lot of direct flights among them, so you do not need to have a stopover, which is very convenient. And the level of health care in Ukraine is rather high.

Can we be sure of the high quality of technologies and doctors?

We use the most modern technologies, the high-quality advanced equipment. We have the needed certifications, registrations, and all licenses, also European certificates of the clinic.

ADONIS is not only developing the skills of our doctors but also improving its technical base and equipment.

For example, we have an advanced modern Brazilian device for vibrational liposuction Vibro Fit. And comparing to classical liposuction this device allows us to shorten the recovery period by 2 times. And also it is reducing bruises, swelling after the treatment. And we can take more fat comparing to classic liposuction. This device works faster, safer and that is why we reduce the time of anesthesia. And also it helps us to preserve the viability of fat cells because then we use them for lipo filing.

Also, we have a very advanced CO2 laser that is used for several separate treatments like layering surfaces and so on. But it is also combined with such treatments. For example, after a facelift doctor can make layering surfaces to improve the quality of the skin.

We also have a separate intensive care unit with 24-hour observation. And there our patients are always under monitoring by high-quality medical staff.

And also we have a super experienced team.

Are the borders of Ukraine open during a pandemic?

Borders of Ukraine are now open to medical tourists. Of course, we have some restrictions because the government cares about the health of Ukrainians and our international visitors.

So the most important requirements for patients coming here from March 24th:

  • all passengers have to have obligatory PCR tests for COVID-19 that are made not earlier than 3 days before crossing the border of Ukraine (printed or electronic versions both are good);
  • and also they have to have an International insurance policy which is covering Coronavirus and should be issued by a Ukrainian company.

We always help our patients to have it, the cost of the policy is about 10-15 USD. 

Will I have any assistance with travel organization and translations or it is on my own?

We have an International department that works exclusively with foreign patients. We help our clients with anything they might need: provide them several options of accommodation to choose from, we always in touch with them to decrease the psychological discomfort for them.

The most interesting of pros of ADONIS is our personal coordination. From the moment of your first contact with ADONIS you will have your manager/personal coordinator who will help you with all questions that you might have. So we support them from the very first moment. We help with all organizational processes, with accommodation, etc.

We have a big International department with more than 25 people working there. And those are people speaking different languages (English, French, Chinese, Japanese, German, and others).

We stay in touch with our patients after they come back home so they can talk to their personal manager and the doctor. They send photos, questions about any problems if they happen to have. And we give them a free consultation.

Will I still save money even with my travel expenses?

Affordable prices are also the most important pro with the same quality when we are speaking about the USA, UK and European countries.

For instance, comparing prices for a facelift, it’s one of the most popular surgery now.

It can include just the middle part of the face, 2/3 part of the face, with neckline, with forwarding lift. Normally a doctor after consultation can create an individual program.

So while in the USA it is over 7500 USD, in GB is over 10000 USD, and in Ukraine, it is around 3470 USD including all costs. And even with extra travel expenses, the cost is still very affordable and lower than in European countries and America.

The same situation is also for Tummy Tuck, Circular Blepharoplasty (for upper, lower eyelids, or circular).

Can I combine a few operations during one visit?

Treatments are very individual and just facelifting is very rare. We usually combine facelifting with circular Blepharoplasty and sometimes with neck lifting. So it is a complex treatment normally. And with this complex, we do a small bonus for a patient with some additional liposuction or lipo lifting of some zones.

It is not only about prices, time is the most precious we have. Especially for the families who are coming for surrogacy or IVF. So it is a matter of maximizing the time they spend in Ukraine.

Time is a very valuable source for us, so while you are in Ukraine waiting for your baby registration you can use this time to visit a cosmetologist, plastic surgeon, gynecologist, and so on.

Also, you can make angiography, computer tomography, 3d ultrasound examination. And some of them are even better than abroad cause as we already said we are always trying to improve and go ahead.  

Some patients who are doing surrogacy program they have to come twice to Ukraine. So during their first visit to ADONIS and waiting for their embryos, they undergoing these treatments that are not contradictory to women who are on egg stimulations.

They can also do some other procedures and treatments such as peelings, dental implants, veneers, or even dental aligners.

Is it possible to have multiple procedures or a single is more advisable?

We are open to combined surgeries, but our priority is the safety of our patients and we always should think of the recovery of them after surgery. It depends on the types of surgeries that can be combined. If it is a face lifting, blepharoplasty, neck lift it can be combined.

If it is some major surgery, like very popular now liposuction 360 or Brazilian butt lift, then we should think about how to combine. Because our first rule is not to harm patients. But we could also combine tummy tuck and a breast augmentation because the patient is lying on the back during the surgery, so we can do the frontal part. But we usually do not combine with any butt lift cause we have to turn the patient since the recovery will be very difficult.

If we speak about lipo filling, it is a very popular and valuable treatment, cause when we do liposuction we try to use this fat for some other aims to inject it to other places where it’s needed. For example, we can make liposuction of the waist, inner tights, or back and use this fat to make breast lipo filling or to buttocks. Also, this fat can be used for creating your own stem cells. ADONIS medical group has its own Vitality stem cells laboratory. So we can use these cells to grow stem cells from it. And then the patient can use these individual stem cells for beauty programs, for regeneration, for joint treatment. So fat now is a very valuable material.

Is it possible to do the procedure of liposuction before losing all weight?

Not in all cases you should lose a lot of weight. Specifically, before liposuction, there is no need to have strict diets and you should be in your comfortable weight. But the very important thing that liposuction does not reduce your weight, this treatment will improve the body contours. It will help you to look more attractive in your tight clothing. If you want to lose weight – that is the question to gastroenterologist or dietologist. So before liposuction, there is no need to lose weight.

Same for facial lifting as well.

Every case is unique and before making any decisions about diet or anything else, the patient first needs to come for a consultation with a professional. And after with a help of a team of doctors you can create a custom plan of treatments. In ADONIS for us, it is very important to inform you before you make any mistakes.

What if I have any questions or problems after I come back to my home country?

We are always monitoring the patients after the operations. They send us their photos and their questions, reviews. And we always give them individual recommendations after, which they take with them to their home country. They share with us their condition and details of the recovery period so that the doctor can correct the treatment plan. Also before the surgery, we can correct a program of preparation, cause in some cases we need to correct some pathologies. We do not take the patient directly from the flight to the surgery room. We always have a pre-surgery examination and if needed we consult with other specialists. And depending on this we can correct the treatment program. For example, can choose the local anesthesia or we can divide the program into different stages. Every patient is individual and we develop individual plans for each of them.

How long does it take from the first step until actual operation?

At the beginning of the process after we receive the application we send general information, prices, information about coming to Ukraine. Then patient send us photos that stay completely confidential to evaluate the situation and based on this we made a treatment plan and book a surgery room, schedule with the doctor, and assist patients in the accommodation.

Patients usually come in the morning fasting (do not eat anything just water), cause they will have blood tests. During this first day they have a consultation with a doctor, make blood and urine tests, electrocardiogram, and additional analysis if needed. The next day we schedule the time of surgery and then depends on the surgery the patient can go home even the same day if it was the operation with local anesthesia. It is even possible to fly home the same evening. After gynecomastia surgery or ear correction can go home the same day. With more serious surgeries the patient will stay 1-3 days in the clinic. In total, the process will take from 1 to 10 days individually.

So for example, if the baby is expected let’s say in April, May, or June, how soon the patient should come to schedule plastic surgery or treatment?

The waiting list is not too big. We can schedule the surgery in 1-2 weeks depends on a schedule of a doctor. For example, we had a case today with gynecomastia, we spoke with a client and we already booked surgery in 2 weeks. So it took 1 day.

Should you have any questions left, feel free to contact us for a consultation.