FAQ from our webinar “Patient care: Accommodations & Logistics”

A really exciting theme was raised during the previous webinar of ADONIS Fertility International – Patients care: Accommodation and Logistics in the most detailed aspects.

The main requested questions were put to the Head of Logistics and Patients Care – Darya Detsyura. Her role is to help you feel welcome and like at home for the whole period of Infertility treatment in ADONIS Ukraine. 

Darya has wide international experience in the sphere of hospitality and is always ready to find the best solutions for ADONIS patients.

From the very beginning, let’s talk about the city, where ADONIS patients stay for some time – it can be a couple of days or a couple of months – let’s talk about Kyiv.

Darya, tell us how Kyiv compares to other cities of the world, based on your experience. And why do you love Kyiv? 

“I started to live in Kyiv after graduating from University abroad. And I was really amazed with the greatness of this city. Kyiv stands in one line with other developed European cities, thanks to its own culture, Ukrainian traditions, modern technologies and attractions. Foreigners who come to us will never gonna feel lost, because our people are friendly and welcoming, and they know English well, in most cases. The same as the whole ADONIS staff.”

Great! Okay, let’s imagine that I am a customer of ADONIS, and it’s my first time in Kyiv. Can you walk me through this city and ask the questions to prepare for the treatment?

“Firstly, our customers meet their personal coordinators, who provide them with all essential information about the treatment program and Ukraine, of course. This step is carried out even before they travel to Kyiv. My role consists in the help with accommodation, airport transfer and all-round support on request. 

Everything depends on the preferences of the patients – we have plenty of partners that provide the best comfort during the whole stay.

The main questions are about the duration of travel or the ADONIS clinic in Kyiv in which the treatment will be carried out. These answers help us to prepare everything starting from apartments or hotels to excursions and sightseeing. The highest level of organization is ensured for clients’ happiness.”

Beautiful! I know that you have the multi option approach to each case. What are the summaries that you are creating for all the patients?  

“I have well-developed presentations for each treatment program of ADONIS. Knowing the main information about budget, requirements and wishes of our patients, I can send them the best selection of offers (apartments, hotels, transfers) from which they can choose the one just for them. Everything is clear and transparent in the area of prices, locations and additional advantages for comfort.”

This is fantastic, I really love your approach to each patient’s case and request.

And what kind of transportation do you typically suggest? 

“In most cases, we pick our patients from the airport and bring them to the hotel or apartments (and otherwise). For such transfers we provide our branded eco-friendly car. In case of being far away from hotel/apartments, we recommend using only taxi services to ensure the best safety (we provide them with the approved list of taxi services). We also have partners which can provide the rental of branded cars with English-speaking drivers. Also, there were such cases when patients requested for the bodyguards or security (because of patients’ position and status) – this kind of service is also available.”

What is the typical range of accommodations? What can you say according to your experience? 

“On the left bank of Kyiv, where ADONIS Maternity Hospitals are located, the prices for accommodations can be 50-60$ for the night, which is really affordable. In the city center it can be more expensive – around 85$ for a night and two-bedroom apartments for 100$. The more luxurious options will be higher. Nevertheless, we will find the best variant for you within your budget.”

And when we are dealing with apartments, which period of time beforehand it’s better to reach out to you?

“If the patients reach me two weeks before the arrival – that’s enough time to arrange everything on the highest level. Of course, in case of special request, – a 1 month before it’s more than enough.”

And no matter what restrictions, because of COVID-19 for example, the babies are born. What are the main documents to travel to Ukraine, and what are the rules now? 

“It’s not as complicated as may seem. You have to be vaccinated or have the PCR test which indicates you have no COVID-19 (72 hours before the trip). And no matter what restrictions are, ADONIS is always supporting their patients – we can prepare the medical invitation letter that indicates your treatment, change the dates of your Program start or provide the highest care for your baby with the Program “Waiting until your arrival”. The highest safety is the main value.” 

It’s true. Okay, what are other additional services which can be included into the Infertility Program in request? Nanny’s help, baby furniture rental, etc. 

“Yes, we provide additional opportunities for the comfort of our patients. We have approved partners -agencies which ensure nanny’s services (you can interview the candidates to choose the best one for you, they are all English-speaking, vaccinated and with medical education). Nanny’s help is qualified and really essential for some parents, especially for the first time after baby birth. And, of course, there is no necessity to bring all the furniture or devices for the baby from overseas, we have the contact of qualitative rental services which can provide the whole range of needed things for the time you’re here, with the baby and until you leave for home.” 

Great, everything is carried out for comfort. I know you have a wide list of restaurants and places to visit. If our clients want to take a break or relax, where can they do this? 

“I really love this part of my job, because of my own experience in hospitality. I have prepared a list of recommendations with the Kyiv restaurants (situated both on a left bank and on a right bank), it’s really diverse and for all tastes. We also can suggest what to see in the city with the help of tourist agencies which can organize the beautiful excursions. Also, we can recommend the location and places to visit on your own. It’s always a pleasure to switch the surroundings and to enjoy the time with yourself and your family in a great Kyiv city.”

Great. Another question that can arise. Tips or no tips in a restaurant? 

“It’s always up to the choice of the person. I will always leave tips for waiters because of my own experience. In general, it’s 10-20% from your bill, when 20% you can leave when the service is at the highest level.”

And what about the tips in a taxi?

“Of course, you can leave the tips for the driver in the App or give some cash to the driver directly. Again, it’s a really personal story, so the client can decide on its own wish and ability. It’s not obligatory, but it’s a nice gesture.”

I know that airports in Kyiv have a great backup for the clients with VIP service for check-in and lounge zone, which is especially comfortable when you are with the baby, for example. Is it true? 

“That’s totally correct. You will be provided with a specialist that can help you to go through the check-in procedure, security and passport control. Everything will be carried out privately without lines or waiting. Really. it’s a great choice especially for those who are leaving with the newborns.”

Is it possible to book the VIP airport service through ADONIS? 

“We have the partners in Kyiv airports which can organize all the services for you, of course. The prices can vary, and it needs to be specified individually.”


Darya, what are your favorite places to see and places to eat. The most hearties? 

“From the list of restaurants I can point out the “Veranda” restaurant which is located at the Dnipro river. The place has a great atmosphere with live music, perfect view and cuisine. Also, the Ukrainian style “Rebernya” restaurant with delicious pork ribs cooked in an open fire. It is located at the historical center of the Kyiv – Podil district. 

As for the Kyiv places – of course it’s the main Khreschatyk street and Maidan Nezalezhnosti, where the important events of the Revolution were carried out in 2014, which changed our history. It’s really symbolic. And also there are beautiful music fountains which are operated during the summertime. Of course, the Podil district is a must-see. The special atmosphere hovers there. The city is big, but the main places can be gone through a long, enjoyable walk.

In the winter time we have a variety of entertainment from the ice rinks to the ski slopes with a beautiful atmosphere, food trucks and decorations all around.”

So, if you are coming to Ukraine for the treatment process in ADONIS, Darya will help you to organize everything on the highest level of comfort.

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