Surrogacy without an agency: Proms and Cons

Surrogacy is a comprehensive process that includes not only different medical processes, but also well-developed preparation and accompanying stages that must be managed correctly. All the Surrogacy process needs to work as a one system, that’s why many families appeal to Surrogacy agencies. But whether it is possible to undergo the Surrogacy without an agency?

This question is frequently asked, so with this article we will try to answer it.

What are the Surrogacy agencies? Why should the Intended parents apply for such help? And What is their role in the Surrogacy process?

Independent Surrogacy

Independent Surrogacy (also called Private Surrogacy) describes the process of Assisted Reproductive Technologies in which the Intended parents and the Surrogate cooperate with each other without involving professional Surrogacy agencies.

In such a case, the Intended parents are independently searching for the following essentials:

  • Surrogate (considering the options among acquaintances or by advertisement);
  • Outsource medical services (laboratory examination, puncture, IVF procedure, embryo maintenance and transfer, delivery, etc.);
  • Prenatal care (to be sure in proper development of the baby and course of pregnancy);
  • Legal support and notary (at least to complete the Surrogacy agreement);

It is a small part of services needed for successful undergoing of Surrogacy, because, as it was said before, it is a rather complicated and continuous (about 11-12 months in total) process needed to be constantly monitored with a lot of attention and expertise in various areas, as well as a sufficient level of emotional stability. Since it is a really important decision in your life.

Independent Surrogacy VS Surrogacy agency

The decision about Independent Surrogacy may seem cheaper and self-contained, but it is a misconception. Surrogacy agency provides the package of services developed purposefully for the successful and safe Surrogacy.

When compare Independent Surrogacy and Surrogacy Agency, you need to take into account the services that can be only provided by agencies:

  • Matching and Screening

Medical establishments that work as Surrogacy agencies usually provide the matching services when choosing a Surrogate candidate to satisfy all the requests and wishes of the patients and select the best Surrogate only for you.

ADONIS Fertility International, for example, has its own Surrogate database with only verified candidates that get through a thorough examination process before being added into.

Finding and screening the Surrogate during Independent Surrogacy can be rather difficult and even unsafe for your future baby. Usually, the Intended parents that do not use the services of the Agency turn to already known women (identified and tested).

  • Surrogacy planning, Crisis management, Individual coordination

The Intended parents that go with Surrogacy professional benefit from the individual approach to the case when your doctor creates a plan of the Surrogacy process, chooses for the best and urgently responds to the possible problems or crisis during the pregnancy.

ADONIS International ensures even individually created treatment and Surrogacy plans according to your current health state, diagnosis, tests result and private request. The Surrogacy packages also include ADONIS ‘own Legal Department assisting (documents notarization, Agreement arrangement, etc.), ADONIS ‘own Maternity School (expert guidance for breastfeeding, child raising, etc.), and many other privileges.

In case of Independent Surrogacy, the Intended parents individually reach out to the necessary professionals and take all responsibility on them.

  • Guidance and support

Representatives in Surrogacy agencies also act as mediators between the Intended parents and the Surrogate, they regulate all processes and support during ups and downs. They provide not only professional, but also mental assistance. Such a third party can facilitate questions about expenses and contracts to avoid arguments between the parties. There is always a personnel that will help and support you.

ADONIS medical establishments, for example, differ in their especially attentive and responsible staff you can always rely on.

The parties involved in Independent Surrogacy should endure all moments by themselves. Otherwise, the Intended parents can find the entrusted person (social worker, for example) that is versed in Surrogacy processes.

The Independent Surrogacy option can be more challenging especially when comparing with the Surrogacy via agency, but it is only your choice and your life. Select the best option for your Surrogacy treatment and enjoy the process.