Surrogacy treatment: No more barriers

Surrogacy process is a complex set of activities which give a result only when a team of professionals work as one.

With the constantly evolving sphere of Infertility treatment, it is crucial to understand all processes and legal nuances in Surrogacy treatment all around the world.

To make you well-prepared, this article is aimed to provide all essential information about Surrogacy. Just in case it will be needed.

Stages of Surrogacy

The miracle of Surrogacy stands first on the professionalism of fertility specialists that work with dedication to make a dream of baby birth – a reality.

Usually, the preparatory process for Surrogacy treatment goes accordingly:

    • Examination of the couple according to the individual plan with subsequent consultation with the doctor.
    • Donor selection (optional) of egg or sperm cells for fertilization. ADONIS Fertility International provides the widest selection of donors (from its own approved base) which are accompanied by all informational cards and health characteristics required for decision-making.
  • Surrogate selection for the Program. The verified database of Surrogate candidates of ADONIS clinic will help you with the match according to the criteria of physical and mental health, responsibility and accuracy. You can have individual meetings with each of the chosen candidates before a final decision.

The medical (major) stage of Surrogacy occurs according to the intended plan:

  • Ovaries stimulation involves synchronization of the cycles between the parties of Surrogacy process (the Surrogate, the Donor (optional) and the Intended mother). Ovarian stimulation protocol includes hormonal drugs taken for more  healthy ovarian production.

Depending on the case (either Donor cells are involved or not) the stimulation process is adapted accordingly.

  • IVF procedure. When the ovaries mature cycle is done, the oocytes are collected and fertilized “in vitro” with the partner’s (or donor’s) sperm.

ADONIS Fertility International uses the latest technological equipment to provide a safe and secure process. The ICSI technology can be provided even when you have only one healthy spermatozoon for conceiving. The ICSI implies manual direct insertion of a male reproductive cell into a female one).

  • Surrogate mother preparation. Surrogate mothers come through a well-developed plan of preparation (diagnosis, ) for embryo transfer. Such an approach helps to make the process in the safest and most successful way.
  • Embryo transfer. The cultivation process is carried out in a special box with maintained indicators (very close to the conditions inside the uterus). In ADONIS clinics we make special targeted testing for genetic abnormalities using the PGD/PGS method. Only the best quality (and health indicators accordingly) is transferred into the uterine cavity of the Surrogate.
  • Pregnancy confirmation. Hormonal support increases the chances of possible embryo implantation into the uterine wall. After 14 days, the hCG testing shows the positive result that confirms the onset of pregnancy. In case, when hCG testing is negative, the IVF cycle will continue until the pregnancy of a Surrogate mother (according to the terms of medical package).

Paid Surrogacy

Surrogacy on a material basis is not allowed in so many countries.

This is due to the fact that a woman can be used as a Surrogate not by her choice. Many countries around the world prohibit material rewards for Surrogates on a legal level.

There are the following countries which approve the Surrogacy only on altruistic basis:

  • Canada
  • Portugal
  • Republic of South Africa
  • Australia
  • Greece
  • United Kingdom (the services of Surrogates are legal only for UK citizens)
  • India (the services of Surrogates are legal only for India citizens)

Among the countries which legally approve paid Surrogacy are the following:

  • Ukraine
  • USA (certain states)
  • Georgia
  • Israel
  • Colombia
  • Mexico

Ukraine is considered to be the most suitable country for Surrogacy with comfort conditions and good quality/price ratio.

These are the following advantages:

  • Ukrainian legislation confirms that the Intended parents are the parents of the baby from the very first day of conceiving. They are immediately inscribed into the birth certificate of the baby.
  • The family can immediately receive a passport (travel document) for a newborn after the end of the Program to travel home (for foreigners).
  • The rights and freedoms of the parties (the Surrogate and the Intended parents) are protected by a contract that regulates the duties, force majeure situations and the degree of responsibility of all participants in the process.
  • Fixed amounts of payments to a Surrogate mother which is registered at the Agreement. The material side of the relations between the parties are totally secure and discussed beforehand. In addition to the amount of payment, the Agreement fixes additional monthly fees for the Surrogate (clothing, food, etc.)
  • Сonfidentiality and legal support. Anonymous donation and conceal involvement in the Surrogacy Program ensure the safety of the parties.

IVF and Surrogacy treatment is prescribed in case of fertility issues.

Let such fertility issues not be a barrier for your dream.