Surrogacy in questions: Answer them all

Surrogacy in questions

Infertility treatment includes differing approaches and methods that help to overcome some health issues that prevent baby birth.

One of the most demanded is Surrogacy treatment, that ensures a high percentage of successful conceiving and the best rates of healthy baby birth.

Abundance of questions may arise in future parents’ minds on the stage of preparing for the treatment. With this article we will try to answer the most controversial and unanswerable questions.

What is Surrogacy?

Surrogacy is the kind of Assisted Reproductive Technologies which involves  a woman voluntarily agreeing to become pregnant in order to bear and give birth to a child biologically alien to her. After the delivery baby is passed to other persons – genetic parents that are documentary approved as parents.

How to choose the Surrogate mother?

Surrogate mother selection is a really important part of Infertility process.

The key points you need to consider from the medical point of view are the following:

  • Age of a woman from 18 to 34 years (ranges may vary);
  • Presence of own children;
  • Medical report on a perfect state of health;
  • Medical report that confirms absence of contraindications to childbearing and childbirth;
  • Harmful habits absence;
  • Psychological stability (tested by special examination and consultation with a psychologist);


Of course, in addition to all accepted characteristics of the Surrogate, there are individual requests of the Intended parents which need to be taken into account.

In ADONIS Fertility International, for example, you can take advantage of a full cycle treatment process that includes even a Surrogate own database. Only proven and examined candidates and information you can rely on. Your Surrogate mother selection will be adjustable around your requests and preferences without additional doubts.


What is the cost of a Surrogate mother?

The price formation for both Infertility treatment Program and the Surrogate mother services varies from country to country significantly.

Some countries legalize the Surrogacy Motherhood only on a voluntary basis when monetary rewards for surrogacy are illegal and punishable by law.

Such restrictions, aimed to protect the rights of the Surrogate mother and child from illegal exploitation and human trafficking, are legislated in Australia, Canada, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Belgium, etc.

In such a situation, there are no legal grounds that control the Surrogacy process, since there is no way to write down all the conditions for cooperation between the Intended parents and the Surrogate mother in the legal contract.

Some countries provide a full permission for the Surrogacy with material reward.

Ukraine, for example, is considered to be one of the most attractive countries for Infertility treatment. Surrogate services here are relatively low-cost with a constant high quality level. There is another attractive point – a minimum bureaucratic control from the state. The whole Surrogacy process takes place according to a civil law contract, the implementation of which is controlled by its parties themselves.

In ADONIS Fertility International, the prices for full packaged Surrogacy treatments vary from $35 858 to $55 000.

Commercial Surrogacy is legally permitted in some states in the USA (Colorado, Nevada, Washington, California, etc.), Georgia, Kazakhstan, Israel and Ukraine.

How much does Surrogacy cost in the USA?

Average cost of Surrogacy in the USA varies from $120 000 to  $180 000, which is rather high.

Moreover, when you are considering Surrogacy treatment in the USA, pay special attention to the state where your clinic is located. Because the specifics of legislation differ from area to area – there are states that give a “green light” for Surrogacy, the states with some reductions in terms of Surrogacy, and, of course, there are some states that totally ban Surrogacy at all.

So in regard to such questions as “How much does Surrogacy cost in the US” there is always a difference between clinics and states, but price formation as a whole is usually overpriced.

How much does Surrogacy cost in Ukraine?

As was mentioned before, Surrogacy in Ukraine is known for the affordability and perfect price/quality ratio.

Moreover, there is a special opportunity for patients from abroad from ADONIS Fertility International that has its own Headquarter in Colorado Springs, the USA. You can apply for special medical financing to make your treatment even more affordable without loss of quality.

For more additional information, please, refer to managers of ADONIS that are always accessible in your timezone.

Surrogacy may arise a lot of questions, especially when it comes to prices – How much is Surrogacy in the US? How much does it cost to do Surrogacy in Ukraine? What is the average price for Surrogacy? – it is just the tiniest part mentioned here.

Your reproductive health deserves the best medical service with the highest level of quality, so choose the clinic that fits you well.

If you have any questions about Surrogacy – do not hesitate to contact the best specialists.