Surrogacy in different countries: Which is the most friendly?

Surrogacy processes are regulated legally at the highest level of authorities. These regulation notions differ from state to state in the USA and from country to country in the whole world.

So for the best understanding and confidence of every family, it is better to know about Surrogacy friendly states and countries.

Your knowledge will help to overcome possible legal challenges on the Surrogacy way.

Surrogacy and legal regulation

Surrogacy processes involve different parties – an intended father, an intended mother and a Surrogate, of course (plus genetic material donor in case of total infertility of one of the intended parents). To regulate all issues, the Surrogaсy agreement is established where possible nuances are clearly spelled out.

Moreover, such aspects as Surrogate compensation, Donor material usage or documentary parent-child establishment differ significantly in each country’s legislation, so you need to clear it out beforehand.

Surrogacy friendly states of the USA

Legal regulation in the USA is complicated by the USA states formation, each of which has its own legal base.

The one and only consensus that Gestational Surrogacy with agreement signed between the sides is illegal in all 50 states.

The states where Surrogate motherhood is legal on a voluntary ambush include the following:

  • California
  • Nevada
  • Colorado
  • Washington
  • New Jersey
  • Maine
  • New Hampshire
  • Vermont
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • District of Columbia

Other states provide total Surrogacy prohibition or Surrogacy legality include additional nuances that must be taken into account (residence of the intended parents or additional after birth legal procedure, for example).

Surrogacy friendly countries

In the whole world there are not so many countries which provide full freedom in terms of Surrogacy.

Among those where Surrogacy is legal are the following ones:

  • Ukraine
  • Georgia
  • Colombia
  • Greece
  • Mexico
  • Thailand

Some such countries have no legal regulation about total Donor of genetic material usage (third-part), it is not prohibited, and it lies in the so-called “gray zone”. So the rights for the baby in such cases are floating and badly settled.

Nevertheless, the Surrogacy is prohibited by law, some areas сonsider the Surrogate as a legal mother (such a situation can be carried out in areas of Mexico, for example).

Surrogacy legality in Ukraine

Ukraine can be an ideal place for Surrogacy parenthood, since all processes are stable, regulated by authorities and cleared out in legal documents.

The safety of intended parents is ensured by law of Ukraine, they are considered the parents of the baby (born with the help of Surrogate mother).

Moreover, there is additional support for the patients from abroad.

In ADONIS, for example, we have our own Legal Department which helps with documentation, deals with the embassy of your country and follows you up to your happy return home with baby.

Commercial Surrogacy is legally approved.

The main couples requirements for successful Surrogacy in Ukraine include the following:

  • Married couples of different sex
  • Genetic connection with the child (at least with one of the intended parent)
  • Using of Gestational Surrogacy method only
  • Medical indication for Surrogacy (severe infertility in one of the couple, etc.)

Confidentiality about the Surrogacy process and its parts is written into the law. So the safety of information is ensured for Surrogate mother, Intended parents and Donor (if such is required).

It is only your choice where the Surrogacy will be carried out. Make a selection according to the best suitable options in different countries.

Make your own future with high-quality medicine.