Price of Surrogacy: Average cost and factors that affect it

Surrogacy is the theme which includes different factors you need to pay into. One of the most essential is the price formation.

The ratio of the price, quality and the Program fillings can be overvalued with no benefit for the client. In this article the focus of our consideration will be on this theme.

Factors of Surrogacy price

Surrogacy is a quite complex kind of Assisted Reproductive Technology with nuances that can be not so evident for ordinary people. 

Let’s clear out the main factors that affect the price of Surrogacy:

  • The number of cycles until successful conceiving

The number of attempts needed to successfully conceive of the Surrogate can greatly affect the total amount of Surrogacy Program. 

In ADONIS International, for example, there is a Program with Unlimited attempts, which keeps your money and provides a Surrogacy process without limits. 

  • Medical cost

Some Surrogacy Programs do not cover the price for medical costs during Surrogacy. If your insurance does not cover such expenses – it will become one of the largest cost components, be sure. 

ADONIS Fertility International Colorado Springs Headquarter will consult you about every aspect, moreover, special offers for the USA and Canada citizens in terms of Medical financing are ensured. 

  • Compensation for the Surrogate 

Besides the cost of the Surrogate Program, monetary compensation is typically paid for the Surrogate. The sum is discussed with the Surrogate individually, so it differs from case to case. 

 In some countries Surrogacy is allowed only on altruistic basis, so any monetary reward is illegal, pay special attention to it. 

In Ukraine, Gestational Surrogacy is totally legal, on a commercial basis. The legitimized Surrogate Agreement ensures safety of each side – the Intended Parents and the Surrogate. 

  • Legal and Documentary processes

Legal processes can be costly and time-consuming, especially in countries where Surrogacy lies in so-called a legal “gray-zone”. The client has to go through after-birth child registration or even adoption from the side of Intended parents. 

ADONIS International, for example, provides the services of its own Legal Department. Each Surrogacy Program cost includes an individual consultation of lawyers that will lead your process up until the successful discharge. Moreover, in Ukraine, the Intended parents are considered to be the legal parents from the time of conceiving. 

  • Personal coordination

Coordination throughout the Surrogacy process is the highly valued aspect. You need to have a personal mentor that controls every step and takes care of every nuance you may easily overlook.

In ADONIS International there are professionally educated staff of managers who will accompany you all the way through the surrogacy program, from the introduction stage to the stage of legal registration for the child (with all paperwork).

Average cost of Surrogacy 

Of course, the price for Surrogacy is highly dependent on the country and medical establishment you choose for the treatment. 

But we can outline the main tendencies that are visible in terms of price-formation in different countries. 


In the USA the price for Surrogacy ranges from $100 000 to $170 000, depending on the state. 


The UK medical establishments set the price for Surrogacy from $22 000 to $90 000 depending on your health indications. Such a relatively low price is determined by a halfway legalized Surrogacy process which leads to your total insecurity with no guaranteed results, the risks are high.


Canada is also known for a good level of Surrogacy treatment, the price variations begin from $70 000 and reach $100 000. 


Georgia holds one of the leading positions in the Surrogacy field. Cost is around $60 000. But there are some legal nuances you need to pay into. 


One of the safest countries for Surrogacy with a really low price around $40 000. By the way, ADONIS Fertility International proposes different Surrogacy Programs with filling that is approved by high skilled professionals and really adjustable for every case. Considering the fully regulated and legal Surrogacy process, every patient has an ensured protection and guarantees. Moreover the all cost items are already included into the Program price.
Make your own conclusions.