Baby Delivery and Newborn Care with ADONIS in Ukraine

We’ve received hundreds of questions and requests to share our execution plan regarding Baby Delivery and Newborn Care during COVID-19 and beyond, especially when the arrival of parents might be delayed due to travel restrictions.

April 8, 2020, Dr. Vitalii Znack, Head of the Adonis Maternity Hospital, Dr. Yulia Syurkha, Head of the Adonis Neonatology Department, Oksana Gusseva, Director of Patient Onboarding and Logistics have been instrumental at answering the critical questions from the parents from the USA and other countries. 

In summary, Adonis Newborn Care Until You Arrive Program provides 24/7 professional medical care by top trained neonatology specialists and doctors at the best Ukrainian private medical facilities of Adonis Medical Group. There are several packages available, including, a custom program for your baby which includes:

  • Individual care: (1-1 ratio) by the neonatology nurse
  • Care in the single occupancy neonatology room (meaning, your baby will not be sharing a room other babies)
  • Twice – daily observation visits by the neonatology doctor
  • Vaccination/immunisation
  • All required newborn screenings
  • Donor breast milk (if desired)
  • Individual walks outdoors with the baby (with a doctor’s permission)
  • Personalized unlimited video calls with your baby per your schedule
  • All baby supplies are included (clothing, washing supplies, any needed medications, and vitamins)

Here is what some of the participants had to say: 

It is incredible what ADONIS was able to come up with for the Newborn Care. I am relived to know that my baby can have unlimited professional and medical care at their fingertips. The human aspect of the program and endless care that the nurses will provide, while we are away, just make my heart sing. Thank you for thinking through every detail, even options for me to stay connected with the baby via technology in real-time.”

This was an awesome call. Just confirming how excited we are to have Adonis as  a part of our baby journey.”

I love how everything will be done during the care of my baby ONLY with my parental consent, and I really appreciate Adonis’ ability to create custom solutions for us if needed.


If you did not get chance to attend, here is the archive of the session.

Some questions discussed:

  • Overview of the ADONIS Newborn Care Until You Arrive
  • What specifically happens if my baby is born, but our arrival to Kyiv has been delayed? How is the care looks like?
  • Key newborn screenings 
  • Outside time with the baby, fresh air walks on the secure beautiful grounds of ADONIS Maternity Hospital
  • Video connections with the baby, immediate remote bonding
  • Capacity and provisions for overflow of Newborn Care Program
  • Covid 19 testing
  • Quarantine measures
  • and more!



We hope you’ll consider taking advantage of the Adonis Baby Care Until You Arrive Program. It provides 24/7 professional medical care by top trained neonatology specialists and doctors at the best private medical facilities.

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ADONIS’ HOT SEAT WEDNESDAY, hosted by Maria Feekes, Executive Director of Adonis Fertility International, is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to ask questions directly to top specialists in this field. 

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