There is a Power in Knowledge!

Let us help you open the world of possibilities. Join our award-winning Remote Second Opinions Program. Gain access to our best experts without the hassle of travel and changing your work schedule. Adonis Fertility International Remote Second Opinions Program helps you receive the best medical support while making it the most convenient for you and your loved ones. No more challenges of lost productivity and added travel expenses. Join us from the comfort of your home from wherever you are.

“I did not know this was available to us until I have spoken to Adonis Program Coordinator. The Remote Second Opinions Program was the best decision we have made. It was easy, convenient, have been a huge time and money saving for us, and most importantly, it has provided us with the awareness of the incredible cost-effective high-quality options for us that we were not aware off. “ - Kim and Carl

How it Works

Our Program connects you with our expert program coordinators and medical specialists. They review your unique situation, answer your questions, and provide you with a comprehensive report you can share with your family and/or local practitioner. The journey of overcominginfertility is one of the most complex one. It takes understanding of a person from so many angles in order to give the best rout available to you. Our specialists have been trained in wide aspects of human body. No longer you need to meet and pay for 5-10 separate specialists, who also seldom talk to each other. Our medical specialists are equipped to evaluate your cases from every point of view. They are able to see what other specialists don’t have access too or don’t have expertise in. And that every bit of information and deepest understanding is priceless, because any delay or limitation of fertility treatment would have direct impact on your outcomes and success.

Schedule meeting with our amazing Program Coordinator to discuss your canse and answer any questions

Submit your medical records and additional testing if needed. Receive preliminary report

Meet with our fertility specialist to finalize the report, answer additional questions, and select the best possible treatment plan

To make it most convenient for you, we have included the meeting with the Program Coordinator at no cost (regular price $350.00)

What is the cost of a Remote Second Opinion (RSO) Program?

The regular cost of the Program is $1450 (compared to other providers with the initial investment of over $4000 and no follow up support). The cost includes primary review and written report, meeting with the coordinator and the medical specialist, follow-up review, 1 month 24/7 Q&A support.

When sign up by August 1, 2019, we offer this incredible Program for only $750!

“I was blown away by the amount of time and attention I have received. Which the United States doctors, I was lucky if I would get access to them for even 10 minutes. With Adonis RSO Program I had several hours dedicated just for me! I was explained every moment of my case, the risks and impact of decisions, the possible steps and actions, the alternative costs programs. I would not be able to be where I am today, should I not have went through the RSO with Adonis. Thank you!!” ~ Stephanie

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