“Surrogacy Insurance: Options for IP’s” – questions and answers after our webinar

Navigating your surrogate’s insurance options can be nerve-wracking as it involves her health and wellbeing. Once you have a clear understanding of your surrogate insurance costs, coverage, and benefits, you’ll be on your way to confidently plan the journey while eliminating surprises or hidden costs left to stun you.

IC “InterExpres” has been successfully operating in the insurance market of Ukraine since 2004 and provides services in personal, liability, and property insurance.

Surrogacy Insurance: Options for IP’s

Our guest: ADONIS partner insurance company – InterExpres. IC “InterExpres” has been successfully operating in the insurance market of Ukraine since 2004 and provides services in personal, liability, and

Why insurance for a surrogate is so unique and why it was not available before?

The reason it is very unique that medical insurance for pregnant women has been already existing in Ukraine, so ADONIS brought up the question of how we can apply it to surrogacy. Because yes, it is a pregnant woman, but she is going through this journey for someone else. And since we are working with families from all over the world, how would you handle and protect not citizens of Ukraine.

So when this question came to the development of special insurance we were looking at 2 sides. One was who will be the provider of the insurance because we need the reliable one. And the other side since ADONIS is a closed circle operation, when it comes to surrogacy because we are a huge entity of many clinics, we have our own diagnostics center, fertility lab, own center of OBGs, pregnancy observation and maternity hospital. So the insurance company was required for some of the processes.

Why “InterExpres”?

A big benefit we were looking for was we needed a company with a huge network of medical institutions and support all over Ukraine. “InterExpres” is serving all the network of the railway of Ukraine and they can satisfy a surrogate from any region of the country.

What type of insurance is it and what are the benefits?

Before developing that special insurance the company met with ADONIS’ team that is responsible for surrogacy programs. All the entity was working on understanding what is the process, what are the risks to be prepared to understand what the surrogate will be facing.

As a result of this research that has been done, two insurance products were developed: insurance of the medical services and protection of the surrogate in case of any diseases that are happening outside of the standard process.

The medical insurance will be covering any additional treatments that need to be taken outside of the standard. This particular insurance will be covering the period starting from the sixth week of pregnancy till the discharge from the maternity hospital. Some of the risks that will be covered: miscarriages, stopping of the pregnancy, premature birth, different pathologies, traumas and NASU including for newborn baby, unplanned c-section and so on.

And the insurance covers all medical treatments, medical supplies, transportation and consultation for all unexpected medical situations.

And the second insurance product is the compensation paid to the surrogate in case of any of those cases mentioned previously.

There are standard payments to surrogates that are included already and being done during the Program (the final payment, compensation of her stay, medical supplies, maternity clothes, transportation and so on). But in case of any unpredictable cases, you are still responsible for covering payments for the surrogate.

And the coverage of insurance of 15.000 USD and the type of the payments that are under this coverage are done in percentage calculations.

For example, if there is an urgent unplanned c-section, the medical insurance will cover all medical costs of that procedure and the compensation for the surrogate will be 10% of the final sumo, which will be 1500 USD.

These 2 types of insurance are interconnected and help you to cover the situation from all sides.

What is the cost of programs?

The cost of the payment to the surrogate mother for the whole duration of the pregnancy is 700 USD for a single pregnancy and 950 USD for twins.

The insurance can be started any time, but the coverage starts from the 6th week of the pregnancy even if your program has already started and the surrogate is already pregnant. You can join at any moment until the delivery itself. The signal agreement can be done very quickly, it takes 5 minutes to sign. The company provides 24/7 support in English.

The medical cost coverage program has 3 options:

  • Standard 450 USD total with 5 000 USD coverage
  • Standard + 700 USD total with 7 500 USD coverage
  • Premium VIP 1500 USD total with 15 000 USD coverage

The difference between programs is not just the total amount of coverage, but also the type of services that are covered. It can be shared in detail upon request.

Does this insurance apply only to clients of ADONIS?

This program is exclusively designed for ADONIS.

But in case you join ADONIS program on any stage up to the last period of the pregnancy even if you previously had treatments with other clinic, you can sign up for the insurance with us.

Are all services covered only in ADONIS clinics or can be done in regional clinics?

Since surrogates are located all over Ukraine, some medical services will need to be provided at her local hospital and it is also covered.

What steps should be done to sign up for the insurance?

The best is to contact your coordinators at ADONIS and they will set you up with an insurance representative.

Are there already clients for this type of insurance and are there any statistics?

Yes, there are quite a few subscribers for the insurance.

And there are some cases of miscarriage and urgency c-sections and premature birth. All of the cases were successfully covered by insurance.

Normally the process is very fast and after the clinic submits all the information to the insurance company, which normally takes around 1 month + 5 days to get the payment done.

And in a situation when the patient had to pay expenses by himself, the reimbursement was done within 5 days.

If you have additional questions left for our insurance partners, please contact us!

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